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(1) Community, or Communist Oriented Policing (COPS) Update

(2) Here we go… been planned since 1958 and most recently 1994:


(3) Trump Reverses Restrictions on Military Hardware for Police

(4) And President Trump recently called for more funding of military equipment for local police! ‘Call It the Surge’: Vowing Nationwide Crackdown, Trump Touts Tougher and More Militarized US Police

(5) Edu-Gate is bigger than the Iran-Contra Affair and Watergate combined!

(6) My book, DDD page 280:

WEEK IN THE SUBWAY AS CULTURAL EXCHANGE” BY JACQUES STEINBERG WHICH APPEARED in the June 15, 1991 issue of The New York Times pointed out some of the interesting activities resulting from the exchanges signed between President Reagan and President Gorbachev. An excerpt follows:

A hapless fare-beater was arrested today in the Chambers Street subway station, and he was suddenly surrounded by six Moscow police officers. This was not a scene out of a Cold War nightmare. The Soviets were not taking over the United States. This was a cultural exchange.

(7) My book, DDD page 279:

WHO WOULD EVER HAVE IMAGINED THAT THE EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL EXCHANGES signed between President Reagan and President Gorbachev, and those negotiated since 1985, would result in Russian “cops” from the recently disintegrated “Evil Empire” flying American police helicopters as described in the following article “Cop Swap: His Beat Is Leningrad but He’s on Loan to LAPD—His Local Host Will Visit U.S.S.R.” by Bob Pool, which appeared in the April 30, 1991 issue of The Los Angeles Times.

Excerpts follow:

That wasn’t Gorky Park that a burly Russian cop was swooping over Monday in a police helicopter. That was Griffith Park. Leningrad policeman Albert Vorontsov went airborne to get acquainted with Los Angeles and launch a first-ever swap of Soviet and local police officers that is aimed at spreading goodwill—and trading good ideas. Vorontsov will shadow Los Angeles Police Sergeant Greg Braun for two weeks. Then Braun will travel to the Soviet Union in June to work with Vorontsov…. “We may think we’re on the cutting edge of technology in police work, but a lot of other people are doing very innovative, bright things all over the world,” said Bayan Lewis, an LAPD commander who helped Braun arrange Vorontsov’s visit. Kern County lawmen have adapted a simple Soviet “pole vault” technique that can flip SWAT team members into second-story windows, he said.

(8) Soviets in the Classroom

(9) My book, DDD page 346:

IN AN ARTICLE ENTITLED “RUSSIAN TEACHER REVIEWS WORK IN SAD 53” WHICH WAS published in the January 12, 1995 issue of The Bangor (Maine) Daily News, Brenda Seekins explains all too clearly the extent of cooperation between Russia and the U.S. in school-to-work (planned The Noxious Nineties : c. 1995 346 economy) activities. According to Seekins’s research these activities were not confined to ivory tower musings, but had penetrated education at the local level. Some excerpts follow: PITTSFIELD—Russian exchange teacher Tanya Koslova addressed the SAD 53 board of directors Monday night to express her appreciation for the opportunity to work with the district and Maine Central Institute [MCI—deeply involved with workforce training]. She offered an overview of the work she had done in the district over the past four months, spending two months with children in kindergarten through grade eight and the balance of her time at MCI. She particularly enjoyed students who participated in her Russian humanities class who were “highly-motivated and eager students.”[MCI Headmaster] Cummings told the board that MCI will be the recipient of the School-to-Work funding in conjunction with the Maine Youth Apprenticeship Program. The school could receive up to $8,000 to provide staff training to better integrate academics with the program provided by apprentices’ worksites.

(10) Secret Agenda of Tax Exempt Foundations Norman Dodd & Dr. Stan Monteith

(11) Hail, Caesar!

by Chuck Baldwin
November 7, 2019


I am convinced that Christian conservatives, on the whole, care absolutely nothing about constitutional government. They care absolutely nothing about the Bill of Rights, God’s Natural Law or the Declaration of Independence. In their hearts, they support monarchy and dictatorship. It’s not the idea of monarchy that they find repugnant. All they find repugnant is the idea that the monarchy might be led by a Democrat. The idea of a Trump monarchy thrills them to no end.

Donald Trump is a total ignoramus when it comes to constitutional government and Natural Law. Remember, this is the guy who said Article. 2. of the Constitution gave him the right to do “whatever I want.” And most Christian conservatives seem to be totally fine with that.

I’m reading Christian conservatives by the dozens that express their strong desire for Trump to send military troops to take over California, for Trump to declare martial law and send military troops to throw all of the Democrats in the House of Representatives in prison, for Trump to send military troops to seize America’s journalists and judges and for Trump to send military troops to seize people like me who dare to challenge the president’s unconstitutional actions.

It is no hyperbole to say that if Donald Trump declared martial law today and began using the U.S. military to round up anyone Trump doesn’t like and put them in concentration camps, the vast majority of Christian conservatives would wholeheartedly support it.

To most of these so-called Christian conservatives, the Bill of Rights applies only to them. It doesn’t apply to Democrats, Libertarians, Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, liberals or anyone who disagrees with Donald Trump.