We will attempt to post all downloadable PDF files (some may be in graphic format) on this page, by date, with newest first. File sizes will be noted on very large documents. It is best to download these to disk to view in PDF viewer such as Adobe or Preview rather than try to load in browser.

May 2011 – PDF Transcript of interview: “America’s Road to Ruin – The Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds”

June 2004 – PDF Background Paper on President Reagan and the U.S. Department of Education

2003 – PDF (53 MB) Fleshing Out Skull and Bones by Altman, Bunch, Sutton, Millegan

July 29, 2003 – PDF Experimentation with Minorities and Deliberate Dumbing Down for the Planned Economy

August 25, 1995 – PDF Iserbyt’s 1995 Letter to the late Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum

January, 1995/1996 – PDF “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” is a compilation of Iserbyt’s work by the Iowa Research Group, Inc. “Christian Conscience”, a magazine about family, education and cultural issues.

February 16, 1990 – PDF Chicago Mastery Reading – A Case Against a Skills-Based Reading Curriculum 1968

Circa 1989 – PDF Lines of Credit: Ropes of Bondage – The Story of the Financiers, Their Fellow Conspirators and the Plot to Destroy Western Christian Civilization by Robert Henry Goldsborough.

July 1987 – PDF Ad in Washington Times, Page A-14/Friday, July 1987 which was paid for by the National Citizens Alliance, P.O. Box 6347, Washington, D.C. 20015-0347

March 4, 1985 – PDFCreating the Office for the Enhancement of the Human Intellect, Washington State Senate Bill 3421 [This was mentioned in the “Back to Basics Reform” publication]

October 1983 – PDF (12 MB) List of Skull and Bones Members

July 7, 1982 – PDF Letter to Reagan about dissolving Dept of Ed and BEST Program

November 2, 1981 – PDF Children to Robots: Values Clarification Education

November 8, 1975 – PDF Planning is Socialism’s Trademark by Prof. Morris Zeitlin (taken from The Daily World, newspaper of the Communist Party USA, formerly known as The Daily Worker, founded in 1924)

September 1974 – PDF (9 MB) The Plan to Collapse Government by Maureen Heaton Shocking revelations about creating chaos for implementing change contained in a July 1972 document discovered by Maureen Heaton.

April 1968 – PDF Here’s the Rest of Him, by Kent Steffgen who reveals the real Ronald Reagan

March 1, 1919 – PDF Declassified document documenting the “who” behind the Bolshevik Revolution.