Exposing the Global Road to Ruin Through Education is an 8-DVD set of presentations given by various long-time education activists. It also includes written submissions from Charlotte Iserbyt, Samuel Blumenfeld, Dennis Cuddy, G. Edward Griffin, Rosa Koire, Anita Hoge, Jeannie Georges, and more, and is the result of two, 2-day conferences, held in Maine and Georgia, in August 2012 and August 2013. Fifteen of the nation’s most respected education and political researchers, writers, and speakers, including public school teachers – some in the trenches since 1965 – were videotaped. A special roundtable discussion involving researcher/activists Karen Bracken and Kelleigh Nelson, Tennessee, and Diane Kepus, Karen Schoen, and Debbie Gunnoe, Florida, provides up-to-date information related to Common Core, tax-funded school choice and charter schools with their unelected boards. Written submissions are included from the speakers, as well as from those who could not attend the conference. One is offered a banquet of written works, including rich history, from great patriots and recognized writers active from 1960-2000; i.e., Jacqueline and Malcolm Lawrence, Joan Masters, Elizabeth Trotto, Peggy Cuddy, and from equally talented individuals no longer with us: the late Maureen Heaton, Don Bell, Jo Hindman, Bettye Lewis, Sam Blumemfeld, and Ruth Feld. This impeccable research is your toolkit: ammunition to fight and win the government/corporate/tax-exempt foundation-funded war against our children and grandchildren, and against our free constitutional republic, very aptly illustrated by Joel Pett, Pultizer Prize-winning cartoonist in his 1983 Phi Delta Kappan cartoon.

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YouTube Videos: Start with the Preview Video where Charlotte Iserbyt introduces the speakers, and find the 8 others on Charlotte’s YouTube channel.

DISC 1 – The Devil’s Seven-Prong Fork