A COVID “Skinnerian” bogeyman …to frighten Americans into good behavior (compliance), through use of reward and punishment.

“The Bogeyman is a type of mythic creature used by adults to frighten children (and adults…cti) into good behavior. Bogeymen have no specific appearance and conceptions vary drastically by household and culture, but they are most commonly depicted as masculine or androgynous monsters that punish children for misbehavior.”

Unelected and elected communist change agent moles in our government, at the United Nations, and abroad, have finally, after 77 years of UN wars and declining education standards, resorted to a most clever scheme to FINALLY destroy our Constitutional Republic.

They have created a “health” BOGEY MAN to replace whatever relatively strong concerns Americans had over UN foreign policy disasters, unconstitutional wars, and declining education standards.

That scheme was very simply to switch Americans’ “tiresome” focus on the above issues to a “health” Bogey Man, with conflicting and frightening media reports on a daily and hourly basis out of the mouth of the U.S. Health Commissar Bogey Man Fauci. Enough disinformation, etc. to cause an increase in alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, etc.

The new “health” bogey man, known as COVID 19, after two years of dictatorship (torture for all of us), is beginning to look like a deliberately created Annual Monster determined to destroy our Constitutional freedoms and our lives.

Its name will, of course, have to change at the whim of the communist bureaucrats and unelected globalists who are, now, apparently running our lives.

Please spread this warning far and wide.