Mea Culpa!

Who is the REAL Glenn Youngkin?

Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s new Governor, is a globalist (internationalist), not at all who Youngkin himself, the parents who are supporting him, and the controlled media have lead Virginians and Americans to believe.

Youngkin’s membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and his attendance at meetings in DAVOS, sitting beside the likes of Klaus Schwab, author of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, proves that he is a globalist and certainly not what he lead the voters of Virginia to believe.

Prof. Klaus Schwab – Reflections From The Founder

Youngkin is also a leading player within the Carlyle Group.

And, MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, he supports tax-funded school choice/charters, with unelected boards, in order to train our children for the global workforce.

Workforce training is the accepted system used in communist countries. It denies your children any choice in their occupation.

Glenn Youngkin pitches tax cuts, ‘school choice’ at Manassas rally

From 3D page 198:

THE COMING REVOLUTION IN EDUCATION: BASIC EDUCATION AND THE NEW THEORY OF SCHOOLING: (University Press of America, Inc.: Baton Rouge, 1983) by the late Eugene Maxwell Boyce, former professor of educational administration, Bureau of Educational Studies and Field Services, College of Education at the University of Georgia, was published. An excerpt follows:

In the communist ideology the function of universal education is clear, and easily under- stood. Universal education fits neatly into the authoritarian state. Education is tied directly to jobs—control of the job being the critical control point in an authoritarian state. Level of education, and consequently the level of employment, is determined first by level of achieve- ment in school. They do not educate people for jobs that do not exist… No such controlled relationship between education and jobs exists in democratic countries. (p. 4)

I continued to support candidate Ronald Reagan in his run for President of the USA, even though the brilliant crowd of Southern California Republicans had the goods on Reagan and warned me and plead with me, in 1980, not to go to Washington to work for him. They gave me Here’s the Rest of Him which I only read after I had leaked the document, gotten myself fired, and come home! (And on

And here is the “rest” of Glenn Youngkin

My sincerest apologies for the very egregious mistake I made in supporting the Youngkin candidacy.