CRITICAL RACE THEORY BRAINWASHING (new and very nasty kid on the never-ending assault on our children’s minds)

Dr. Joseph Bean, Pasadena, CA school board member, said in his very important book River of Pollution, 1972:

“The most important elected position in the USA is “elected school board member”.

That quote kept me, an elected school board member between 1976 and 1978, fighting against the evil federally- funded programs coming out of the Congress (ESEA 1965): the anti-American, anti-Christian results which we see on the streets of America app. fifty years later.

I remember, between 1976-1978, (while serving as an elected school board member in Camden, Maine) the intense (truly hysterical) opposition I received due to my opposition to the very programs Dr. Bean describes in River of Pollution, which were very similar (just new titles) to Critical Race Theory program being implemented across the nation.


(A) Excerpts from “the deliberate dumbing down of america” pages 134-146:

1977 JOANNE MCAULEY’S NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE, a national organization of concerned parents and educators, was founded in the mid-1970s and, considering the potential it had for holding the line on innovations taking place in American education, its early demise represented a real setback for parents, children, and teachers.

Ms. McAuley’s May/June 1977 issue of her newsletter, The School Bell, is proof that the National School Boards Association was, at one time, a strong proponent of local control, not a “sell out the locals”organization… that in the 1990s would support site- and school-based management (taxation without representation) and charter schools.

NSBA PRESIDENT TELLS SCHOOL BOARDS: STAND UP TO FEDERAL MEDDLING On March 27, 1977, George W. Smith, immediate past president of the National School Boards Association, warned school board members attending the NSBA convention in Houston that “The Congress and the federal bureaucracy could become the country’s master school board unless school board members stand up and be counted.” He urged delegates to continue to forge a strong NSBA to convince Congress that local school board members are truly representative,most unselfish, and the best qualified persons to represent the local viewpoint in education.

(B) Cong. John Rarick’s speech (given in 1972) which includes text of extremely important book, River of Pollution, by Dr. Joseph Bean, a school board member from Glendale, California. It is still available at Amazon.

Many great researcher/writer parents fought hard to stop the communist brainwashing in the public schools, but the leftist major media was 100% against us, as were many Americans who had been brainwashed in the Ivy League and other colleges (especially after the United States entered the United Nations in 1945).

Barbara Morris wrote, I believe, the first book, “WHY ARE YOU LOSING YOUR CHILDREN?” which documented the reason for the fierce battle being waged by parents regarding anti-American/humanistic (atheist) curriculum. Morris also wrote an equally important book “Change Agents in the Schools”.

Why are you losing your children? – by Barbara M. Morris

Change Agents in the Schools – by Barbara M. Morris

We parents and some traditional public school teachers even succeeded in the late seventies in getting passed A FEDERAL LAW: The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, and, in the early eighties, getting regulations for enforcement.

Anita Hoge, Pennsylvania, used the PPRA to get most controversial curriculum removed (temporarily) from Pennsylvania schools. (That’s another incredible story about how a courageous, well informed parent won a case against her State Education Department, but was ultimately denied any satisfaction due to illegal Pa. State Dept. of Education shenanigans.)

Isn’t it high time to somehow force our so-called elected officials, using the federal law “The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment”, 1978 and it regulations, to stop the very evil programs, including Critical Race Theory, being foisted onto our children and their teachers in the public schools?

It is those mostly federally-funded programs, nothing else, that have resulted in our population going leftist, and that have resulted in our children’s lack of a traditional academic education and loss of traditional Christian values evident in their very weird and sick behavior so evident on the evening news.

Article: National School Boards Association declares conservative parents to be domestic terrorists