So many of us have been documenting the major taxpayer and private (tax-exempt foundation funding) of necessary activities to implement Satanic agenda facing the world today. The late Norman Dodd warned the world regarding what was coming down the pike. He had to be silenced, and silenced he was by the usual culprits.

The evil media control and conservative boycott of our publications succeeded in keeping our warnings from reaching enough people to perhaps reverse the direction. The Bible certainly spelled it out clearly, but the scenario was so hard to accept the majority of world’s population thought “it” was all a fairy tale, never to come true. I have Klaus Schwab’s books. He and his associates (Gates et al) are pure evil.

[see article below discussing Schwab]

The scene was basically set in the 1800s, but initiated in the early part of the 20th century (mostly Carnegie), something all of us covered in our writings, going all the way through Carnegie’s Marc Tucker’s adventures in NY, IA, PA, etc. in the 80s and 90s. I don’t think any one of us ever dreamed their plan would take such a bizarre (inhuman) direction. We fought it, but we didn’t understand the satanic end game. Or at least I didn’t.

I am a traditional Pius X Catholic (outlawed by the Vatican). And for the following good reason: While working in Soviet Affairs in the Dept. of State in the late fifties, my boss, former Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Richard Davies, received a cable from the U.S. Embassy, Moscow. Cable stated that Premier Khrushchev’s son-in-law, head of TASS or Pravda, would be making a visit to the Vatican (first time USSR had ever been recognized by Vatican and or received any delegation). My boss and I were shocked, to say the least. Dick was a Catholic; I had not yet converted to Catholicism (Order of Pius X). It was shortly after this visit that Vatican II took place, a conclave that resulted in tragic consequences for traditional Catholicism..a result caused by the Vatican’s shocking involvement with its enemy, the Soviet Union?

Of intense interest to me is that none of this education restructuring could have been implemented had President Reagan not allowed the public-private partnerships to be carved in stone in 1981 (shortly after I arrived in my office in ED), to be followed up by his signing, with Gorbachev, of the U.S.-USSR education/cultural agreements in 1985.

Those early nineteen eighties days were “wild” with hundreds of leading tech companies invited for a conference sponsored by my office, with lavish dinners and wine (paid for by you, the taxpayer) in French restaurants, following their daily activities. I was not involved in any of their, obviously very private, daily conferences which took place in the U.S. Dept. of Education. I did attend the lavish dinners.

I was involved as liaison from U.S. Dept. of Ed in The White House Conference on Private Sector Initiative, during which I asked publicly “what are we doing here…merging the private and public sector? Isn’t that corporate fascism?” The response from one of the invitees was “I guess no one is looking at it in that way.” This subject is covered in the deliberate dumbing down of america, page 176… offered as a free PDF on this website.

Our Constitutional form of government was shattered due to that Initiative. Just take a look at all the invitees!

I found mention of C. S. Mott Foundation (Michigan) listed at end of list fascinating since that foundation was responsible for the communist agenda being implemented across the country, using LIFELONG Community Education (Re-Education) to implement the agenda. LIFELONG COMMUNITY RE-EDUCATION, USING REGIONAL GOVERNMENT (THE UNELECTED SOVIET COUNCIL FORM OF GOVERNMENT) IS COMMUNISM.

From the deliberate dumbing down of america, page 175:

EARLY IN 1981 THE PRESIDENT’S TASK FORCE ON PRIVATE SECTOR INITIATIVES WAS installed at 734 Jackson Place, N.W., Washington, D.C. Membership listed on The White House letterhead read like a “Who’s Who” of individuals in government agencies, universities, tax-exempt foundations, non-governmental organizations, business, media, labor unions, and religion. The names of some individuals on the task force follow: William Aramony, president, United Way; William J. Baroody, Jr., president, American Enterprise Institute; Helen G. Boosalis, mayor, City of Lincoln, Nebraska; Terence Cardinal Cooke, archbishop of New York; Governor Pierre S. Dupont, Delaware; Senator David Durenberger; Luis A. Ferre, former governor of Puerto Rico; John Gardner, chairman, Independent Sector; Edward Hill, pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church; Michael S. Joyce, executive director, John M. Olin Foundation; Edward H. Kiernan, president, International Association of Police; Arthur Levitt, Jr., chairman, American Stock Exchange; Richard W. Lyman, president, Rockefeller Foundation; Elder Thomas S. Monson, The Mormon Church; William C. Norris, chairman and CEO, Control Data Corporation; George Romney, chairman, National Center for Citizen Involvement; C. William Verity, Jr., chairman, Armco Steel, Inc.; Jeri J. Winger, first vice president, General Federation of Women’s Clubs; Thomas H. Wyman, president, CBS, Inc.; and William S. White, president, C.S. Mott Foundation.5

This totally new and un-American concept of partnerships between public and private sector has been readily accepted by our elected officials who ignore its roots in socialism and its implications for the discontinuation of our representative form of government and accountability to the taxpayers. Under the “partnership” process, determining responsibility when something goes wrong is like pinning jello to the wall.

Such a change in government, if presented in clear language to citizens at the polls, would be rejected. However, when implemented gradually, using the Marxist-Hegelian Dialectic, citizens don’t even notice what is happening. The shift is away from elected representatives. In time, after voters have become even more disenchanted with the candidates and election results, fewer and fewer citizens will vote. At that point a highly-respected member of the public will enter the picture to propose a solution to the problem: some sort of compromise toward parliamentary form of government found in socialist democracies which will be acceptable to Americans unfamiliar with the protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

One says to oneself, confidently, “This will never happen.” Look around you. What do you see? Site-based management in your local schools, transferring decision-making, traditionally exercised by elected school boards, to politically correct appointees and the creation of unelected task forces at all government levels; proposals to “separate school and state” which make no mention of governmental and social structure consequences—efforts to have government money (taxes) pay for services delivered by private religious or home schools, etc., with no public representation. There can be no accountability to the taxpayers under a system so alien to the United States’ form of representative government.

How clean, neat and tidy. Wholesale destruction of an entire, wonderful system of government without firing a shot.

As a U.S. Department of Education liaison with The White House during the early days of this initiative this writer inquired of one of President Reagan’s political appointees whether this initiative, was not corporate fascism; a politically incorrect question that resulted in someone else replacing me as Liaison with The White House.

– end –

OUR LITTLE BAND OF BRILLIANT (IMO) EDUCATION/POLITICAL RESEARCHERS AND WRITERS (probably no more than 50+ individuals; most now deceased) saw what was coming down the pike, but never in our wildest dreams did we expect what we considered utterly wrong and non academic at the time, to morph into a truly satanic operation using COVID-19 to implement it.

See what Klaus Schwab had to say about the “Great Reset”