There are federal laws on the books to prevent use of Critical Race Theory and other values destroying programs being taught in public and private schools. Why not use them?

(1) BRAVO Supreme Court JUSTICE Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas issued a warning to Americans about this leftist behavior and what he said may shock you

(2) From 3D, page 243:

ON FEBRUARY 22, 1988 CLARENCE THOMAS, CHAIRMAN OF THE EQUAL EMPLOYMENT Opportunity Commission (EEOC), who would shortly thereafter be appointed by President George Bush to the U.S. Supreme Court, signed off on an EEOC Policy Notice regarding protection from mandatory New Age training in the workplace. The Policy Notice explained:

1. SUBJECT: Policy statement on “new age” training programs which conflict with
employees’ religious beliefs.

2. PURPOSE: This policy statement is intended to provide guidance in the handling of cases where an employee objects to participating in the training program because it utilizes techniques or exercises which conflict with the employee’s religious beliefs.

3. EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon Receipt.


5. ORIGINATOR: Title VII/EPA Division, Office of Legal Counsel.

6. INSTRUCTIONS: This notice supplements the instructions in #628 of Vol. II of the Compliance Manual, Religious Accommodation, and should be inserted after p. 243 628–630. [Ed. Note: This Policy Notice extends to all government employees who resist manipulative New Age training which is based on the behavioral techniques and behavior modification described in this book. Held captive in the classroom due to attendance laws, why haven’t our children been provided the same protection from the mind-bending curricula and methods used on government employees in the workplace? Why are not American teachers provided this protection from the mind-bending, brain-numbing, in-service sessions which violate their constitutional rights? The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment which passed the U.S. Senate unanimously in 1978, for which regulations were drafted and approved in 1984, has proven to be useless since the educational bureaucracy refuses to enforce it and has consistently stonewalled when parents have attempted to assert their rights under the law.]