This is a commentary posted by the Namaste Publishing UK website on “The Scientific Destruction of Minds & Secret History of Western Education” by Charlotte T. Iserbyt.

The Scientific Destruction of Minds & Secret History of Western Education by Charlotte T. Iserbyt

Charlotte T. Iserbyt’s response:

Thank you, thank you… a million times for such a gracious acknowledgment of my efforts to expose the treason most recently being perpetrated by the right as well as the left, certainly since Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980 when unelected public/private partnerships became the accepted form of government in the USA.

Treason which has brought the USA to the precipice of tyrannical global government, using COVID-19 to, not so surreptitiously, take away all freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

The successful neoconservative boycott of all I have ever written or said since I got myself fired from the U.S. Dept. of Education in 1982 (for leaking PROJECT B.E.S.T. a major technology grant) effectively denied the public the truth about the collusion between left and right (Trojan Horse operation). USA would be down by now were it not for the very few true blue patriot radio networks and publications, like Namaste, et al, which allowed the truth to be told against all odds.

What is bizarre is that the left never went after me. I guess the two supposedly opposite sides work together and the left knew it didn’t have to bother going after me. It was much safer and effective for the globalists to use the phony right to boycott me and try to shut me up.

What you sent (link) is now posted at above, attributed to you… NAMASTE… as a great freedom fighter.


I urge my fellow Americans to take a look at what Carl has sent through… a record of my efforts to warn, warn, warn…

And, save this for your children and grandchildren.

God bless America!