I would like to thank Jake (John Adam) Klyczek for this remarkable expose of the ultimate purpose of Project BEST (Basic Education Skills through Technology) which I leaked to Human Events in 1982.

Never did I dream that someone of his intellect would, many years later, come along and read and interpret all the highly controversial/international documents related to Project BEST which were provided me by Lawrence Grayson. I am stunned by his ability to decipher the mountains of evidence which was provided me by Grayson. This paper of Mr. Klyczek’s is more than fascinating; it provides ammunition for Americans concerned over the use of technology in education with documentation to halt the finalization of what I consider a very evil international scheme to rob human beings of their individuality, to change them into robots, without a soul or conscience, willing to participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

From UNESCO Study 11 to UNESCO 2050: Project BEST and the Forty-Year Plan to Reimagine Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“For over forty years, coalitions of academics, governments, corporations, and world governance bodies have colluded to build a global ed-tech schooling system meant to shackle children to the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Be sure to buy Jake Klyczek’s recent book entitled
School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education