If readers don’t understand my article (#1 below) they will never understand anything regarding education or foreign affairs and exactly who is in charge.

It was the Republican Reagan Administration and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that carried out this socialist philosophy of education, initially developed by the Carnegie Corporation in the nineteen thirties.

First, read this 5.0 out of 5 stars review of “the deliberate dumbing down of america – A Chronological Paper Trail” posted on Amazon:

Required Read for Anyone Interested in the Future of America, May 22, 2002 by David Martin

“As an educator for the past 28 years, and believing myself to be at least a little left of center politically, I found “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” to be the scariest thing I have ever read. Some will brand this book as conservative propaganda. But those of us in the teaching profession wonder aloud to each other and anyone else who will listen, what politicians are thinking about when they pass educational reform legislation. It would seem impossible to make some of the decisions that are being made without having deliberately set about to wreak the education system in America. If the facts laid out in this book are true (and the book is full of documentation) what is happening to education in Washington D.C. is worse than the Twin Towers tragedy and the attack on Pearl Harbor combined. The promotional material for this book says that it should be required reading for parents. I think it should be required reading for every educator or university student considering a career in education. A difficult read, but eye opening to the point of being painful.”

(1) from 3D, page 35… The following are some of the measures the Chamber of Commerce has supported to aid in the transfer of power from individuals and independent governments, groups, businesses and professions to the Chamber-advocated management system:

1. Creation of the United Nations.
2. Creation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
3. Regional Government or “New Federalism.”
4. Medicare (Commercialization of medical professions).
5. Postal reorganization.
6. Organized Crime Control Act.
7. Contracting for school services with private industry.
8. Voucher system for education.

9. Management and human relations techniques for handling personnel in industry.
10. Health care planning councils.
11. Prepaid medical practice (HMOs).
12. Federal land use planning.
13. Federally-imposed career education.
14. Equal Rights Amendment.
15. Cross-town busing for desegregation.

The carrying out of above Chamber philosophy resulted in in the radical restructuring of education (the Reagan-Gorbachev education and cultural, et al agreement between the USA and USSR 1985)

At least 500 patriotic Americans paid for the ad below (2) in The Washington Times, researched and written by a few of us researchers.

(2) Washington Times, 1987

By the way, my former website carried the whole recent treasonous ESSA (2015) travesty which Republicans worked with Democrats to get passed.

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