Judith Reisman, world expert and prolific author on the subject of Professor Kinsey and those associated with K-12 (now birth through death sex education, and its resultant evil perversions), left us behind yesterday… peacefully, to meet her Maker.

If anyone ever deserves a first class ticket to her Maker, Judith does. Judith, over a period of fifty years, dedicated every day of her life to exposing so-called “credentialed” perverts in the field of sex and sexuality. Being exposed, as she was, to the photographic documentation of the perverts’ “expert” research would be enough to shut me down. I often mentioned that to her, and she self-effacingly denied that she was any different from any of us education researchers. I disagree.

In my humble opinion, God Almighty sent Judith to save our children. Yes, Judith’s work was day in and day out dedicated to saving not just our, but the world’s children.

Please remember Judith in your prayers, and pray that someone else will immediately take her place on this very sad planet. Hopefully, that person will have a sense of humor, as did Judith, although her subject hardly allowed one to smile!

P.S. The New Yorker published a pretty fair article on Judith’s work.

Why Know?

By Daniel Radosh
November 28, 2004

When Judith Reisman and Eunice Van Winkle Ray lectured together recently in Nashville, Mrs. Ray was introduced by her husband, Colonel Ronald Ray, who grabbed the audience’s attention by announcing that the United States “lost the most important war of the twentieth century.” He was referring not to Vietnam, where he served, but to the sexual revolution. “Many of us are casualties of the sexual revolution,” he said cryptically. Mrs. Ray then took the lectern and presented an overview, complete with charts, of our current state of sexual degeneracy: the repeal of laws against abortion, adultery, fornication, and even sodomy. All of this they trace back to the work of one man: Alfred Kinsey.

The recent release of “Kinsey,” a film about the famous mid-century sex researcher, has made this a busy time for the anti-Kinsey movement. Most Americans no longer give much thought to Kinsey as a societal force, but his detractors believe that his significance can hardly be overstated. A recent newsletter of the abstinence-education group Why know? compared the publication of “The Kinsey Report,” in 1948, to the attacks of September 11th, and labelled Kinseyism “fifty years of cultural terrorism.”

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