(1) All of President Biden’s key executive orders — in one chart

New president also deploys memorandums, proclamations, other executive actions

(2) Biden rescinds Trump’s 1776 Commission, a report promoting ‘patriotic education’

The move was just one of the 17 executive orders, memorandums and proclamations signed by President Biden on Wednesday afternoon.

(see #5 below for history of above controversy)

(3) Class warfare: Students in Anchorage will be forced to kneel for hours, no recess – Must Read Alaska

Some of the youngest students returning to classes today in Anchorage will enter a dystopian classroom world, where they must kneel for hours on end on the floor while masked, and have no recess or art or physical expression.

Above education philosophy is NOT new. Read the following federally-funded horror story dated 1975:

3D, page 132:

CONGRESSMAN JOHN CONLAN OF ARIZONA ISSUED A PRESS release regarding the controversial federally funded program for ten-year-old children called Man: A Course of Study (M:ACOS) (Education Development Center: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1975). On April 9, 1975 Conlan said that the $7 million National Science Foundation-funded program was designed by a team of experimental psychologists under Jerome S. Bruner and B.F. Skinner’s direction to mold children’s social attitudes and beliefs along lines that set them apart and alienated them from the beliefs and moral values of their parents and local communities. As a matter of fact, fifty commercial publishers refused to publish the course because of its objectionable content. The following gory story of cannibalism is excerpted from M:ACOS (Vol. 1):The wife knew that the spirits had said her husband should eat her, but she was so exhausted that it made no impression on her, she did not care. It was only when he began to feel her, when it occurred to him to stick his fingers in her side to feel if there was she suddenly felt a terrible fear; so she, who had never been afraid of dying, now tried to escape. With her feeble strength she ran for her life, and then it was as if Tuneq saw her only as a quarry that was about to escape him; he ran after her and stabbed her to death. After that, he lived on her, and collected her bones in a heap over by the side of the platform for the purpose of fulfilling the taboo rule required of all who die. (p. 115)

(4) Miguel Cardona: What to know about Biden’s education secretary pick

In tapping Cardona, Biden passed over high-profile teachers union representatives

(5) I didn’t have time to get into this very important subject. Sarah Leslie is the Publisher of my book the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999 and updated version 2011.

Biden’s E.O. cancelled President Trump’s 1776 Commission, a report promoting ‘patriotic education’