by DDD Staffer

Everyone knows that the spread of any contagious disease is made worse by people living in close quarters.

There is a movement called “new urbanism” created by a Cuban Master Planner named Andrés Duany. It is being promoted all over the world, and has the potential to threaten bucolic little towns such as those found in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine thanks to the fact that Democrat and Republican governors alike are pushing for it.

The legislature in California was wise enough to shoot down the plan proposed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Gladly, thanks to the reduction in tax revenues to the state because of the COVID-19 shutdowns, the two bills that would have allowed Republican Governor of NH Chris Sununu to control local zoning and force NH towns to “urbanize” while handing his cronies more of our tax dollars were left abandoned on the House floor because of fiscal concerns.

Citizens should pay attention to what is happening LOCALLY as that is where Agenda21/2030 is being implemented right before their eyes while they are distracted by the current national circus.

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