I have some interesting old tracts out of the Soviet Union entitled “American Negro Problem” which prove how the Soviet Union (communists in high places) were involved in attempt to use American blacks to subvert America.

One copy of the aforementioned pamphlet entitled “American Negro Problems”, published by the Workers Library Publishers, 11 E. 125th Street, New York, Worker’s Library No. 9. has a handwritten note on the cover which states:

A Program of Racial Strife for the United States presented by a representative of Moscow named Joseph Pogany (alias John Pepper, alias John Swartz, alias John Swift, etc., etc.

There is a note under the above as follows: “These copies have been reproduced, also by offset, from an earlier reproduction to which the above handwritten note had been added. Order at 10 copies for $1.00 from American Opinion, Belmont 78, Massachusetts.”

We can no longer locate that particular copy but here is a regular copy of the pamphlet in PDF.