(Written by “Sleepless in Maine”)

Am I the only one out there who has been wondering if there will be an election next November?

(Take a look at #8 below… support for privatization… no need for elections… )

I don’t know about all of you out there, but I can’t sleep anymore; at least during normal hours. I wake up at 2 AM and can’t get back to sleep so start writing… draft after draft, asking myself if anyone “out there” is finally going to understand and react to what I have been trying to tell them since 1985, three years after I got myself fired from my job in the U.S. Dept. of Education, for leaking a major technology initiative grant (which would and did control all curriculum in the nation’s schools) and wrote my first little book “Back to Basics Reform or OBE… Skinnerian International Curriculum”(B to B). This 39-page booklet (free PDF) was boycotted by every single conservative organization in the nation, lead by the Heritage Foundation and Council for National Policy (HF and CNP) which have affiliates in most, if not all, of the fifty states. In other words: a very big “reach” into the true conservative heartland. This was just the beginning of the boycott of all of Charlotte’s work, as follows: Soviets in the Classroom… America’s Latest Education Fad 1985; finally published by America’s Future in 1989; the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999; the updated edited and abridged 3D, 2011; and the Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education disc set, 2012. All of my work has, due to the effective neoconservative boycott, been published FREE on this website. The disc set is available on You Tube.

That little Back to Basics booklet ]had an asterisk under the title which said “necessary for U.S. Participation in a One World Socialist Government scheduled for early years of the 21st Century.” Asterisk told the whole story which had to be boycotted. Hitler skipped boycott; he just burned books. Shame, shame.

For those Americans, mostly over 50 years old, who can read:
A big test for us all: Are you a true American?

Cicero’s Prognosis

Again, for those Americans who are able to read:

Ridding our nation of phonics reading instruction was deliberate.

It was necessary to bring the USA to political, economic, and religious collapse.

Don’t forget “if you cannot read, you cannot defend yourself”. If you cannot defend yourself, you might as well live in a police state, the which is being implemented for you right now, under your very eyes through President Donald Trump’s Executive Order To Establish The Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice

Present police state agenda for USA uses the unelected public/private partnership (Community Oriented Policing System aka C.O.P.S.) modeled on former East German “snitch on your neighbor” police and intelligence system), considered the most brutal intelligence agency in the world. The C.O.P.S. program is supported by the National Heritage Foundation. (Scroll down for HF and CNP agenda).

Charlotte Iserbyt — Intelligence Reform’s Internal Passport

Charlotte Iserbyt — Refuse the National I.D. Card

Patriots are Not Crying Wolf, The Wolf is At Your Back

What nation ever went to war without identifying the enemy?

Better wake up, identify the “real” enemy in order to see how you have been had. Democrats are open in furthering their globalist/commie agenda for the USA.

Conservative Republicans are far more dangerous. They have hidden their agenda under “motherhood and apple pie” cloak: Pro-life, anti-euthanasia focus which draws most God-fearing, U.S. Constitution-loving conservative Americans into their net.

They (HF and CNP) never, never allow the rest of their agenda to be made public.

Here is the bright red commie under belly of the HF and CNP agenda, much of which, if not all of which, has been hidden from YOU and been accomplished:

(1) Early support for enterprise zones and socialized medicine (did not materialize, fortunately);
(2) Drafted NAFTA (Free Trade…supported by Karl Marx); Supports the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement)
(3) Support for 1985 Reagan-USSR Gorbachev Education and Cultural Exchange Agreement;
(4) Support for endless wars, especially in Middle East;
(5) Support for communist regional government;
(6) Support for corporate fascist tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards necessary for implementation of Soviet polytechnical workforce training (Kindergarten to Age 80!)
(7) Supports unelected public/private Community Oriented Policing System (C.O.P.S.) aka E. German S.T.A.S.I. (snitch on your neighbor) brutal police state being implemented in all states as I write.
(8) Support for privatization (public/private partnerships), etc.

A LETTER TO PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN WAS WRITTEN BY WILLARD W. GARVEY, EXECUTIVE director of the National Center for Privatization, dated April 6, 1984. An excerpt follows:

Privatization is now an idea whose time has come…. T he knowledge, communication and computer industry can make political representatives obsolete. Privatization might well be the theme for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. Privatization is essential for national salvation. The following notation was printed on the letterhead of the above-mentioned letter:

The National Center for Privatization is supported by the following groups and individuals:

Heritage and Reason Foundations; Pacific and Manhattan Institutes; VOLUNTEER; National Center for Citizen Involvement; International Executive Service Corps; United Way with its Services Identification System; National Legal Center for the Public; churches; labor unions, Peter Drucker and Milton Friedman