Isn’t the aforementioned issue far more important than the recent clever diversions foisted on all of us by the Globalist Insiders (both parties) and the controlled media especially ever since President Trump was elected?


In my DDD book, pages 135-136 “PARENTS FEAR ‘BIG BROTHER’ ASPECT OF NEW CONCEPT” BY MONICA LANZA was written for the Passaic, New Jersey, The Herald News, on March 20, 1974. Excerpts follow from the first of a two-part series:

Questioning the purpose of modern educational goals by parents has brought to light the possibility that a new curriculum ultimately could force all school children to fit a preconceived mold or norm by computerized evaluation [emphasis in original]. And, students who don’t could be branded misfits and sent to a school psychologist for therapy. The threat, they say, is in the form of a bill before the state legislature that would take effect July 1, if passed. This bill would provide for two new Educational Improvement Centers in New Jersey, bringing the total of such centers in the state to four. The centers are currently being used by the federal government to reach the grass-roots level through its Elementary and Secondary Education Act…. Under the stated aim of developing “critical thinking skills” in children, the centers, as agents for the Planning, Programming, Budgeting System (PPBS), have been charged with using behavior modification and sensitivity training to develop those skills…. At the Cedar Knolls center in Morris County, Joseph T. Pascarelli, program developer, recently conducted a workshop which was attended by a number of teachers who reviewed one method of sensitivity training, known as the “Who Shall Survive” game.Participants in the game are given the sexes, backgrounds and capabilities of 15 people in a bomb shelter that supports only seven people, and are asked to decide which seven are the best equipped to re-populate the earth. The answer that none should be put to death is not accepted. This type of training, according to opponents, changes the values of the students who may have been taught at home that murder is wrong under all circumstances.

From the second article in the series, “Teachers Taught to Be ‘Agents of Social Change,’” the reader is informed that:Educational Improvement Centers (EICs) provide training to prepare teachers to become agents for social change… A publication entitled Education: From the Acquisition of Knowledge to Programmed Conditioned Response states: “Teachers who are seemingly impervious to change will be sought out and trained on an individual basis, and forces which block the adoption of new ideas will be identified and ways to overcome these forces will be explored.” Behavior modification was the theme of a learning center at a workshop at the Northwestern New Jersey EIC recently. A teacher rattled off the three domains of behavior modification as propounded by a Benjamin Bloom, who more than a dozen years ago, redefined the purpose of education as “behavior modification.”

The multitude of programs available is mind-boggling. Programs filter down from entities like the Educational Resource Information Center [ERIC] and are presented to local school systems with a flourish. They are praised by gullible administrators and put into action by unwitting teachers…

One of the reasons for their current success is that the language used in the presentation of new programs is almost unintelligible. There are teachers who will admit to not understanding the jargon, but not publicly—and those who do see underlying dangers say nothing for fear of losing their jobs…

The father of the myriad federally financed programs is “Projects to Advance Creativity in Education” (PACE). The PACE programs are described in a 584–page publication entitled Pacesetters in Innovation which lists such “subjects” as psychotherapy, sensitivity training, behavior modification, and humanistic curriculum…

According to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) Catalog of Assistance, the PACE program reached seven million children during 1971 and 1972 at a cost of $250 million. The Office of Education has more than 100 such programs, and HEW funded 70,000 behavioral research programs—some among prison inmates which were soundly criticized and are being withdrawn from the prison system…

Mr. Thomas Hamill of the EIC Northwest, said that funds for “specific kinds of research and development” are channeled to 16 national laboratories attached to colleges and universities, a dozen national laboratories studying “individually prescribed instruction,” and a number of Educational Resource Information Centers, for delivery to the EIC’s.

[Ed. Note: Whenever and wherever individualized education is mentioned in professional educational literature, parents should realize that Mastery Learning/OBE/DI is the required instructional method. Homegrown individualized instruction, non-programmed kitchen table type instruction, with a parent instructing his/her child using traditional textbooks and tests, is not the same thing as institutionalized individualized instruction with its programmed, computer-assisted instruction or programmed reading from a script, which often provides immediate reinforcement with tokens, candy—rewards. Also of interest is the fact that prison inmates are protected from subjection to behavior modification techniques and workers in government offices are protected from subjection to training programs which are violations of their religious liberties, but prohibition of the use of behavior modification techniques on normal, American school children is non-existent. (See 1988 Clarence Thomas, chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and present U.S. Supreme Court Justice, ruling concerning employment protection.) ]


DDD, page 241: FEBRUARY 22, 1988 CLARENCE THOMAS, CHAIRMAN OF THE EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Commission (EEOC), who would shortly thereafter be appointed by President George Bush to the U.S. Supreme Court, signed off on an EEOC Policy Notice regarding protection from mandatory New Age training in the workplace. The Policy Notice explained:

1. SUBJECT: Policy statement on “new age” training programs which conflict with employees’ religious beliefs. 2. PURPOSE: This policy statement is intended to provide guidance in the handling of cases where an employee objects to participating in the training program because it utilizes techniques or exercises which conflict with the employee’s religious beliefs. 3. EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon Receipt. 4. EXPIRATION DATE: 5. ORIGINATOR: Title VII/EPA Division, Office of Legal Counsel. 6. INSTRUCTIONS: This notice supplements the instructions in #628 of Vol. II of the Compliance Manual, Religious Accommodation, and should be inserted after p. 243 628–630.

[Ed. Note: This Policy Notice extends to all government employees who resist manipulative New Age training which is based on the behavioral techniques and behavior modification described in this book. Held captive in the classroom due to attendance laws, why haven’t our children been provided the same protection from the mind-bending curricula and methods used on government employees in the workplace?”

Why are not American teachers provided this protection from the mind-bending, brain-numbing, in-service sessions which violate their Constitutional rights?

The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment which passed the U.S. Senate unanimously in 1978, for which regulations were drafted and approved in 1984, has proven to be useless since the educational bureaucracy refuses to enforce it and has consistently stonewalled when parents have attempted to assert their rights under the law.]

Anita Hoge, PA parent used the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, to stop the brainwashing curriculum in her school district. Her efforts were unsuccessful due to federal and state shenanigans.

[Ed. Note: Anyone following or involved with the Anita Hoge/ Pennsylvania case will tell you that the Reagan U.S. Department of Education—under Secretaries of Education William Bennett and Lamar Alexander—pulled out all the stops, at every level, to thwart Hoge’s efforts and those of other parents who tried to use this law. Such an assault on those who paid the bills—and provided the children (“resources”) upon whom they experiment even today—was, and is, criminal.]

DDD, page 220-221 An article entitled “Observing the birth of the Hatch Amendment Regulations” by Bert I. Greene and Marvin Pasch was published in the December 1984 issue of Educational Leadership, monthly journal of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Excerpts from the article follow:

However, from the day the Hatch Amendment was passed, the written consent requirement lay dormant, that is, until 1984. As Charlotte Iserbyt, an education activist and former Department of Education employee, [stated] in a memorandum to her conservative allies dated 10 January 1984:

“The only tool available to us to protect our children in the government schools is a federal law, the Hatch Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, passed unanimously by the U.S. Senate in 1978, for which the Office of Education promised regulations in early 1979…. I know that many of you, for good reason, feel that the Hatch Amendment has been useless. Of course it has been useless. Any statute which has no mechanism for enforcement is nothing more than a scrap of paper…”

Iserbyt then turned her attention to the reason why regulations have not been promulgated:

“Although excellent regulations were drafted in 1982 by conservatives in the Office of the General Counsel (who have been subsequently fired by Secretary Bell), they have not seen the light of day since Bell doesn’t like them and he also does not want to offend his educationist friends by signing off on regulations that will disturb their modus operandi—their persistent efforts to change the values, attitudes and beliefs of students to conform with those necessary to bring about a socialist/humanist one world government.”

As Iserbyt clearly saw, it is through regulations that responsibilities become clarified, procedures for grievance and redress established, and penalties for non-compliance stated. Therefore, the importance of regulations cannot be overstated…. Interestingly, Iserbyt had notification of the proposed regulations prior to 10 January as evidenced by an Urgent Alert she sent to her “Education Group Leader Activists.” Her guidance… included suggestions related to the scope of the soon-to-be published regulations. She argued: It was the intent of Congress to cover all the mind-bending techniques and materials used in our children’s classrooms, in special education and guidance, not just the narrow and difficult to define areas of psychological and psychiatric testing or treatment. She provided a set of quotable commentaries for her contacts as they prepared oral or written testimony…. Some people who testified argued that the techniques being used in our schools can be likened to those used in Russia, Red China, and Nazi Germany…. A potentially major educational change has occurred, and the education profession failed to block it.

Teachers and parents must renew efforts of Hoge and her band of patriotic education researchers in Pennssylvania and across the nation who fought the good fight. This subject is “the issue”, not what you listen to on the nightly news! There should be an immediate Congressional Investigation of what you have just read, not the issues that Trump and the globalist Insiders have cooked up to divert you from the Satanic Plan to take down our Constitutional Republic through brainwashing in the pubic and private schools…now carved in stone through tax-funded school school choice/charters with unelected boards.

You, the reader of this article, now have the history to use to turn the most important issue facing our nation today: the past and continued use (computers) brainwashing of generations of Americans, using their tax money, to bring their nation (formerly known as the model for world freedom (under U.S. Constitutional law) into the totalitarian global New World Order.

Quotes taken from the “deliberate dumbing down of america.. a Chronological Paper Trail”:

IN MEMORIAM (beginning of DDD)

This book (the deliberate dumbing down of america) is a small tribute to the late Honorable John M. Ashbrook, 17th Congressional District of Ohio, whose work in Congress during the 1960s and 1970s exposed the treasonous plans which ultimately led to the internationalization and deliberate dumbing down of American education.

DDD, page 9 – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from a speech given September 11, 1973

“Coexistence on this tightly knit earth should be viewed as an existence not only without wars… but also without [the government] telling us how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know.”

DDD, page 9 – Aristotle:

“Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living are to the dead.”

DDD, page 450, Edward Hunter, author of “Brain Washing in Red China”.

Edward Hunter (journalist)

Edward Hunter (journalist) Hunter’s career in journalism began at the Newark Ledger in New Jersey before he moved on to the Chicago Tribune…

“Only a dumbed-down, brainwashed, conditioned citizenry could willingly accept what is being offered Americans under the guise of “remaining competitive in an increasingly global economy,” and relinquishing our sovereignty in the name of “global understanding and peace.” The following quotations from Edward Hunter, the man who coined the term “brainwashing” and author of Brainwashing: The Men Who Defied It,6 speak to what we as Americans can still do to reverse the process: Surely there can no longer be a trace of doubt that brainwashing is sheer evil. The fight against it is the culminating issue of all time, in which every human being is protagonist. There can be neither escape nor neutrality where such responsibilities lie. There can be neither front nor rear, for the great lesson that came from the brainwashing chambers was that while every man has a cracking point, every man’s cracking point can be immensely strengthened. That is the job of home, school, and church. The mother, teacher, and pastor are in the front lines in this ideological conflict, and every word they say to their sons and daughters is important to the struggle, for character more than anything else will determine the outcome. Truth is the most important serum and integrity the most devastating weapon that can be used against the totalitarian concept…. Nothing should be allowed to interfere with the task of getting those facts across to the people who need and can use them. Only an informed people can shoulder their responsibility effectively. When free men know both what they are fighting against and what they are fighting to preserve and enhance, they are unbeatable, stronger than any strategy. What is absolutely essential is that the full facts be given to all our people, for mind warfare is total war. This approach can make our struggle for the mind the crusade it should be. Never since man received reason beyond the instincts of animal kind has there been a more important issue. In the fight to give man forever the opportunity to develop, every possible weapon must be utilized on the field of battle, which is everywhere. There is no “behind the lines” any longer.”