How New Orleans Charter Schools have become the Global Model for the Community Education Agenda

…New Orleans is… the nation’s first and only all-charter school district, the Recovery School District [RSD]. The system of charter schools, which are run by private groups instead of a publicly-elected board… RSD focuses less on the ABC’s and more on holistic child development,
including topics like socialization, independence, self-control, communication skills and accepting responsibility.
(Source: OPEN – Kellogg Foundation OPEN BoD)

As the executive director of Tulane University’s Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives, John Ayers devotes most of his time and energy to tracking the progress of New Orleans schools and the children… setting in motion a full-scale reform of the city’s schools… (Source: New Orleans school reform could serve as model for KCPS)

No wonder John Ayers and company are at Tulane University! Look what its Cowen Institute said back in 2006 regarding a national/international model for urban renewal – “the village.” And they already have the charters in place, and the Archdiocese of New Orleans on board, via partnershipping.

“Hurricane Katrina was a huge disaster which gave us the greatest opportunity of many lifetimes. We literally disassembed the entire educational structure of New Orleans and restructured it in a new model, principally based upon CHARTER SCHOOLS.” (Source: Video – Louisiana State Senator Conrad Appel and Sen. Appel’s Most Alarming Admission)