From Cris Shardelman, longtime education/political researcher, State of Washington:

Bremerton, WA, Bremerton Sun, 1/12/90: Result of Presidents Reagan-Gorbachev (U.S.-U.S.S.R.) Education, Cultural, et al Agreements signed in 1985 and 1989.

Portland, Ore. A Soviet lawyer was sworn in Thursday as a special prosecutor for the Multnomah County district attorney’s office.

Igor Arcadyevich Kolesov, 34, who speaks fluent English, will work on criminal prosecutions with various deputy district attorneys during his three-month stay in Portland, District Attorney Michael Schrunk said.

He already has met with members of the City Club of Portland and is expected to meet with a variety of legal and other groups during his stay.

He arrived in Portland two days ago from Augusta, Maine, where he spent three months working in the Maine attorney general’s office.

While in Maine, he observed trials, worked on appellate matters, visited juvenile facilities and spent much of his time on criminal investigation, which is one of his specialties.

He is one of 17 Soviet lawyers visiting the United States under the American Bar Association’s Soviet Lawyer Internship Project.


Neale Duffett, Maine attorney, was selected as public defender for person who shot and severely injured my (Charlotte Iserbyt’s) son, a U.S. Marine combat veteran, Gulf War I, on Memorial Day, 2016 in Portland, Maine. Said person was never arrested although there were four eye-witness statements. Police Report and said eye-witness statements all trashed by DA Stephanie Anderson’s office, which ultimately sealed the case.

Attorney Duffett was responsible for the commencement of Maine-Archangel Legal Exchange which I believe is still in effect.

Duffett and former DA Stephanie Anderson traveled to Russia to participate in the aforementioned Legal Exchange.

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