If you are concerned about vaccines, you should be even more concerned about this.

Now you know why it rained constantly in Vietnam, on Woodstock and on the Philly folk festival. Now you know why Alzheimer’s has increased by 2000%. Now I know why I used to smell sulfur in the air on cloudy days when I was a child.

Every person needs to watch this, as it demonstrates the other way they are killing us. At least you can refuse the vaccine. But you can’t refuse going outside and breathing what they are pumping into our atmosphere and consequently our bodies. The government and ‘fact checking’ sites claim it is just normal condensation that we are seeing, but this video shows proof otherwise. This is the real cause of all the crazy weather we’ve been seeing. The weather is being used as a weapon. This video provides tangible proof because in addition to the perpetrators themselves admitting to what they are doing, the makers of this video have actually gone and taken samples of the chemicals being sprayed and have interviewed the people who do it.