The result of the COVID-19 CATASTROPHE (REAL AS VIRUS MAY BE) is so obvious to me… remember Rosa Koire’s brilliant book “Behind the Green Mask”, in which she discusses, I believe, all of us in the future being herded into stack and packs, like in China.

Rosa, during our “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education” Conference here at my house on the river in 2011, said to me, if I recall correctly:

“Charlotte, Soros, or “one of them” (Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, et al) Great Reset
will turn up in the near future and order you off your land and into stack and pack in Portland, Maine.”

He, or another one of those globalist multi-billionaire monsters now controlling all of us through COVID-19, and the new Internet financial system, will seize your wonderful piece of property…of course, knock down your modest, unmodern cape, and build a “no taste” monster “modern” castle overlooking the Kennebeck/Eastern Rivers.

Great Reset

The Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in June 2020. It …

Contrary to what Rosa predicted, “they” figured “they” could never corral all of us into stack and pack in the cities. One wonders what made them think that would ever be possible.

So they changed their plan: instead of corralling us into city “stack and packs” they made decision to:

Let us stay in our cozy homes with Internet access and “allow us to create our own little concentration camps in our own houses where everything formerly provided by getting in our cars and going in town can be provided online.

This very unnatural system will automatically keep us from chatting with our neighbors, trades people, post office, Supermarket, guys/gals (the locals), doctors, lawyers, car dealers, et al. List is very long. We can access everything we formerly needed online, can’t we?

Even buy a car online!!!!!

We and our neighbors are all locked up in our little castles now with every one of the our possible needs cared for by online providers.

We can even participate in watching sports (our favorite pass-time) VIRTUALLY.

Churches are providing services virtually, with a few brave exceptions.

Virtual Schooling will take place in the home, connected to Superintendent’s central office, as planned many years ago.

All meetings, conferences of any sort, are now virtual.

However, I have one question regarding medicine (surgery). How are surgeons going to perform virtual surgery, especially virtual brain surgery over the phone?


ANSWER: To abolish any human connections, including what Christ called for “love your neighbor”. Of course, we can love our “delivery personnel” instead of our neighbors.

HHS/Welfare started wiping out our concern for our neighbors when it (the U.S. Government) removed our feeling of empathy for our neighbors by providing welfare assistance, etc.

How neat, tidy, easy for all of us. We are, without knowing, due to this psychological operation (psyop), creating our own little concentration camps, and in doing so, we are wiping out all “human” connections so necessary for a full and enjoyable life! I even miss the faces of people I’ve never met! Even those I don’t particularly like!!!!!!

Maybe the third world countries which do not YET have access to the Internet (the ability to create their own personal little concentration camps with online services) will save us.

The whole scenario is so bizarre.