Follow the money down Carnegie’s little RED road!!!!!

1) Sen. Rand Paul: Governors Should Never Have Been Allowed to Become ‘Dictators’

2) NGA Leadership – National Governors Association

3) Invitation To Soviet ‘Governors’ by Roscoe Drummond (reprinted in The Times Herald 8-7-59; this text was unavailable on the internet so it has been copied from an old print article).

4) Accomplishments | Carnegie Corporation of New York

5) Regarding the hundreds of activities funded by Carnegie Corporation (above link), it is very interesting what activities and funding are NOT included in the above exhaustive list. For that information read this: SOVIETS IN THE CLASSROOM

(6) AND, regarding its control of the National Governors Association, which it founded and funded in 1906, if I recall correctly:

Carnegie posted that funding information on its website about 20 years ago. I found it and posted at my website (one I had before 3D one) and the minute it was posted Carnegie took page down.

(7) The well-known writer/researcher Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D always referred to the U.S. Dept. of Education as the “Carnegie” Dept. of Education. Here is a link to all of Cuddy’s remarkable work.