QUIZ FOR THE DAY (seventh grade level)

Click on THIS LINK and identify which President of the United States was NOT a communist… starting AFTER Calvin Coolidge who was NOT a communist.

Be sure to click on Heaton link: “The Plan to Collapse Local Government”.

Please let me know if you can identify one or more who was NOT a communist.

Multi trillions of dollars have gone into so-called education, certainly since 1965, to create the situation we are looking at today. HOME

Even I, Charlotte, was shocked at the names of our Presidents and to recall exactly what went on during their administration. So many “no win” wars; so many broken families; so many abortions, divorces, etc. and now COVID19…So much damage created by the funding of sex education and “human relations training” (Chinese communist brainwashing) in early nineteen forties.

Is it too late? Only God knows. Pray harder than you have ever prayed.