(Bush I, Biden, and Trump…1988)

Isn’t it about time the American people look back a bit to Soviet Union interest in USA elections, a nd especially in the following three Presidential candidates in 1988?

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Bush ‘dumb,’ and ‘Biden a good bet’

“The Soviets, he reported, think George Bush is a sure bet to get the Republican nomination. But, ‘they think Bush is dumb,’ he said. ‘They don’t quite put it so bluntly, but you can tell they view him as a lightweight.'”

“On the Democratic side, the Russian leadership estimates that Joe Biden, the senator from Delaware, has “a good chance” at his party’s nomination.”

“Historically a fan of the arms-control mafia, Biden this year chose to adopt a high-profile role within the congressional bloc fighting the Reagan administration on key strategic issues.”

Wake up, folks…history IS important.

Especially since conservative media constantly downplaying important role of former Soviet Union/Russia in USA presidential elections!

And who would ever have dreamed that Donald Trump has been in the INSIDER loop for so long?