Why Did Steve Jobs Limit His Children’s Exposure to Technology

How Tech Addiction is Ruining Our Lives

BOTH the “left” and “right” are involved in the take-down of USA capitalist system since 1934 (Carnegie).

Here is the reason. Please read the ENTIRE Update. I hadn’t looked at this UPDATE for many years since I became plain discouraged regarding the boycott of my work, carried out not by left, but by former (pre-1980) so-called red, white, and blue “conservatives” lead, primarily by Washington, D.C. Heritage Foundation and its state affiliates (evangelical Christians: the bulk of President Trump’s constituency) who came on board when President Reagan was elected n 1980. Reagan signed agreements with Soviet President Gorbachev (1985 and 1989) to merge USA and USSR education and “everything else” systems. How many people know that?

The quote at the end from a book published in the late 1940s is absolute dynamite, repeat dynamite, regarding the origin of the destructive federally and foundation funded humanistic values changing curriculum coming under the title of Human Relations Training.

How sad for our children, how sad for their teachers, how sad for our country, how sad for Christianity.

Have you read the original “out of print” deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999, recently translated by a Brazilian publisher into Portuguese? My son, Samuel, deeply involved in all my work, suggested I make it a free PDF, since we had managed originally to sell 10,000 copies BEFORE the so-called “conservatives” found out it was “out there”. The Brazilian publisher would never have found out about my book had 3D not been made into a free PDF on the Internet.

Few American so-called conservatives are aware of what I am telling you. You may wish to download this update “for the rest of the story”.