Patriot Judith Reisman wrote about this years ago. In response to her email containing the Polis Station link I replied:

“Old age becomes more and more acceptable. However, when I look at the pictures of my two grandchildren (ages 10 and 12) that peer down at me from a bureau next to my desk I literally weep. You know what I mean.

Prayer is the only answer now.

God bless you and your original work from which much of this tragedy emanated.”

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Polis Station

“Polis Station proposes reorienting police stations toward their communities to become sites of social connection where police officers and neighborhood residents can find many opportunities to interact in non-enforcement situations. It lays out a series of physical and programmatic steps that can be taken to activate police stations as civic assets. It also illustrates how these opportunities can expand throughout a neighborhood to form a network of recreational, educational, entrepreneurial, and green spaces that support a healthier and safer community.”

Remember this is what they have done to our schools, in lieu of academics. Social engineering is now the purpose of public services.