This letter was sent to a friend, see his response below.

Fellow Conservative,

Today, I’m writing to ask you to consider becoming a part of the movement that can transform America.

Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense—these are the values that we fight for every single day. As the nation’s largest, most broadly-supported think tank, The Heritage Foundation has long been the bastion of the American conservative movement. And with more than 500,000 members, our ranks are growing stronger every day. And now, you can join us and help to ensure that your values are being advanced in Washington, in the Media, and across this great nation. Conservative leadership listens to Heritage.

In 1980, just as Reagan was beginning his first term in office, The Heritage Foundation developed the “Mandate for Leadership,” a detailed policy manual on everything from taxes and regulation to trade and national defense. Reagan used this Mandate to help realize his vision of an America the world could admire once again.

When President Trump took office just a few short years ago, The Heritage Foundation presented him with another Mandate for Leadership, focused on undoing the damage of the progressive agenda Obama forced upon the American people. And just as Reagan did, Trump adopted the Mandate as his blueprint for making limited government and conservative values a reality in our generation. Already, his administration has implemented more than two-thirds of the Mandate and moved the country closer to the conservative vision than it has been in decades.

There is a lot of work left to do—and Heritage is in the best position to do it. We have been named the most influential public policy think tank in the world by the University of Pennsylvania (for two years in a row). With your help, we can wield that influence to reclaim America for generations to come.

Response from a Maine Patriot:

You people are not conservative. You’re NEOCONSERVATIVES masquerading as conservative. That’s the WORST kind of treason in my book.

Please remove me from your mailing lists.

I want nothing to do with you people.

Charlotte’s response to the Patriot:

A big thank you from “crying in the wilderness”.

It looks like HF is feeling the heat!

Ha! Ha!

How can it lie so “bold-facedly” to the majority of Americans who actually do love America?

Once one starts lying there is no way back, is there?