Listen to Charlotte interview Anita Hoge.

The above interview with Anita Hoge is of vital importance; absolutely mind boggling; requires re-listening several times. I myself have listened and re-listened at least three times.

Anita exposes the intricacies involved in the “Godless” totalitarian education system being implemented by the Trump Administration.

What excuses do Trumpsters have for POTUS not doing something “real” about this tragedy? Oh, one says “education is just one part of the global system”. That’s like saying “your heart is just one part of the human body…not more important than any other part. “USA is presently on “life support”.

Why doesn’t POTUS, in his inimitable way, just announce another of his Executive Orders, (which of course should be challenged just like everything else he says and does) but which would get the attention of the American people.

Let’s bring this fight for our children and their futures out into the open.

The Hoge interview took place six years ago, before Donald Trump was elected. He has done nothing about reversing course. Don’t tell me he does not know what he is doing. He is a globalist businessman and understands well the present education system is the product of globalist internationalist education change agents who have been “at it” since the creation of the United Nations, at least.

Carnegie Corp’s little book Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies, 1934 called for using the schools to change United States capitalist economic system to a “planned economy”. Read a brilliant expose of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by the late Erica Carle and overview of speech by Communist Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, 1942, both of which are found at the bottom of this article.

From Erica Carle’s superb article regarding the Chamber of Commerce’s nefarious plans.


3D, page 35

UNITED NATIONS CHARTER BECAME EFFECTIVE ON OCTOBER 24, 1945. PLAYING AN important role in the creation of the United Nations was the United States Chamber of Commerce. In 1999 when parents find their local Chamber of Commerce deeply involved in the highly controversial, socialist/fascist, dumbed down workforce training — necessary for a planned, global economy — the fact that the U.S. Chamber was a prime mover in establishing the United Nations should not be forgotten. The following information is excerpted from an important research paper by Erica Carle entitled “The Chamber of Commerce: Its Power and Goals” (December, 1983):

Two slogans were popularized in order to gain backing for Chamber leadership: “World peace through world trade” and “More business in government and less government in business.”

The Chamber sought to commercialize the world under its own direction. To do this it needed to find ways to affect and bypass operating policies of various states and nations. Tochange national policies, and even laws, required popular support and collective action. A new type of blanket organization was needed, one that could blanket not only governments,but professions, unions, educational institutions, farms, industries, sciences, religions and even families. An organization was sought which could bring about the cooperation and commercialization of all of these. A strong controllable international blanket organization was needed.

By the 1930’s plans for the new blanket organization to serve the Chamber’s purposes,the United Nations, were already well under way. The Chamber had the cooperation of tax-exempt foundations, some of which, such as the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace and the Rockefeller Foundation, had been set up early in the century. Large banks and trusts could see future profits for themselves if they cooperated with the Chamber;and the cooperation of international corporations was assumed, especially since Thomas J. Watson was President of the International Chamber of Commerce and a Trustee of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace.

World War II aided… efforts to establish a “rational” international commercial system…. The United Nations organization could be used to gain governments’ compliance with the Chamber’s plans for a unified, controlled world economy, and also the cooperation of various non-Governmental organizations.

The following are some of the measures the Chamber of Commerce has supported to aid in the transfer of power from individuals and independent governments, groups, businesses and professions to the Chamber-advocated management system:

1. Creation of the United Nations.
2. Creation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
3. Regional Government or “New Federalism.”
4. Medicare (Commercialization of medical professions).
5. Postal reorganization.
6. Organized Crime Control Act.
7. Contracting for school services with private industry.
8. Voucher system for education.

9. Management and human relations techniques for handling personnel in industry.
10. Health care planning councils.
11. Prepaid medical practice (HMOs).
12. Federal land use planning.
13. Federally-imposed career education.
14. Equal Rights Amendment.
15. Cross-town busing for desegregation.