New Jersey Governnor Murphy announces ensuring students aligned to workforce

The above article prompted me to send the following email to the Editor of the New Jersey Star Ledger:

Hello, from Charlotte Iserbyt in Maine:

Don’t know where Mulshine is now. However, he sure saw the future 22 years ago. If your paper has his address, please forward this to him!

I am the author of the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999, now out of print but available as a PDF at my website

A Brazilian publisher has recently translated my book into Portuguese. Book was pretty much boycotted in USA!

My parents lived in Gladstone for thirty years.


Happy New Year!

Following is (1998 Newark, NJ Star Ledger) Paul Mulshine’s warning regarding workforce training agenda TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO.

Good for Mulshine. Nobody listened to even good guys in major media. Whatever lead us to believe Americans would listen to us KOOK parents/researchers?

“COMING SOON TO A SCHOOL NEAR YOU: FORCED LABOR” BY PAUL MULSHINE, COLUMNIST, was originally published in the November 29, 1998 issue of the Newark, New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Excerpts from Mulshine’s article:

“Imagine a state that uses its school system not to produce independent-minded, broadly educated citizens, but compliant workers trained to behave. A state where, in their early teens, children are forced to make a lifelong decision from 14 government-sanctioned career possibilities with such depressing titles as “waste management,” “administrative services” and “manufacturing, installation and repair.” A state where students in the government schools are forced to spend one day a week toiling in menial labor. The old Soviet Union? China? Nope. New Jersey.”

I wish I were making this up. But I’m not. This is a fair summation—minus the jargon— of the School-to-Work program that the state is planning to impose on us next year.