Seems that Russia was interested in Trump back before the 1988 election. [click on picture for larger view of article]

Article is from original edition of EIR from July 24, 1987 [PDF]

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, the late Lyndon LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review 7/24/87 article “Elephants and Donkeys” by Kathleen Klenetsky (above title ) which is subtitled “Soviets Intensely Interested in 1988 U.S. Campaign” and “Do the Russians Have a Trump Card”? should pique one’s interest.

The Executive Intelligence Review (Lyndon LaRouche, Trotskyite/Communist) had the scoop (inside story) on Soviet Union’s interest in Trump running for President (POTUS) in 1987!

Don’t forget Soviet interest in Trump (above) came on the heels of President Reagan’s signing, in 1985, of the U.S.-USSR Education and Cultural Exchanges Agreement, and the Carnegie Corporation (Dr. David Hamburg/psychiatrist) Agreement with the Soviet Academy of Science…

This article “Soviets in the Classroom” was boycotted by all neocon Trotskyite tax-exempt organizations in the nation. Ask yourself: “WHY?”


Trotskyite Heritage Foundation and Council for National Policy (CNP) all supported U.S.-USSR Agreements with the Soviet Union.

The above entities and their members support Donald Trump.

Isn’t the call for Donald Trump to be impeached of enormous importance? How is it possible that staff/witnesses involved in the Robert Mueller investigation and the latest hearings related to impeachment of POTUS did not have access to the information in EIR bombshell article?

Or did they?