How does one distill the last 103 years of history (Balfour Declaration 1917… to 2020) into a few words so that ALL Americans, of all political stripes and religious affiliations and denominations, will understand the bottom line:


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Pompeo says U.S. support for Israeli settlements advances peace with Palestinians

We all need to get our heads out of the sand and bone up on history behind creation of State of Israel (1917-1948)

I wonder how many people on my shortened email list have read The Balfour Declaration.

Balfour Declaration Explained

Have they read these?

The Weight of Three Thousand Years

Waters Flowing Eastward

Above books are only the icing on British/Zionist plans to create state of Israel, thereby not only resulting in genocide against the lawful inhabitants of Palestine, but also by allowing a foreign nation to have important influence on domestic, religious, educational, financial, and foreign policy/defense decisions of our nation.

We should all thank the present very small group of long-time activist/patriots/Constitutionalists in all states, represented by the likes of Maine’s Steve Schran (see email below) for trying to get the truth to the American people.

These patriots had some voice in our nation’s political dialogue, prior to election of President Reagan in 1980 when the Republican Party was taken over by war-mongering neocon Trotskyite Zionists who gave us First Iraq War in 1990 and Second Iraq War 2003.

The present situation, under President Trump, who apparently is willing to give us a third Middle Eastern War, is indescribably serious.

What adjective does the average American have to describe Trump’s outrageous foreign policy which has been crafted AGAIN by Zionist Israel and its puppets in Congress and in the “Swamp” Trump said he wanted to drain?

THINK HARD ABOUT what you, your families, your children of draft age, and your friends are staring square in the face.

God bless all of you and your families.

Pray for peace in the Middle East.

Iran will suffer ‘crushing blow’ if it attacks Israel, Netanyahu warns