Below are some very informative, eye-opening links regarding the grave situation in the Middle East caused by President Trump’s provocative action (killing of Iranian Gen. Soleimani) and Trump’s outrageous threats of future actions against Iran…

Bottom line here is:

How can the USA fight wars when we don’t appear to know who we are fighting or what our so-called enemies support or oppose?

Do Americans really support sending our young people into foreign wars without them or their parents even knowing what they are fighting for?

Was President/General George Washington wrong when he said “Beware of foreign entanglements?”

Why does the average American not even known what the father of our Constitutional Republic said?

Here’s the reason:

DDD pages 108/109:

K. Stevens entitled “The Social Studies: A Revolution Is On — New Approach Is Questioning,
Skeptical — Students Examine Various Cultures.” This article explained the early history of the
twenty-six-year controversy which has raged across the United States between those desiring
education for a global society versus those desiring education in American History and Western
Civilization; i.e., the question of “social studies” versus traditional history, and “process”
education versus fact-based education. Excerpts follow:

When C. Frederick Risinger started teaching American History at Lake Park High School near
Chicago, he operated just about as teachers had for generations. He drilled students on names
and dates. He talked a lot about kings and presidents. And he worked from a standard text
whose patriotic theme held that the United States was “founded on the highest principles
that men of good will and common sense have been able to put into practice.”

That was ten years ago, but it might as well be 50. For the social studies curriculum at
Lake Park has changed almost beyond recognition. The 32-year-old Mr. Risinger, now head
of the department, has abandoned the traditional text and set his students to analyzing all
revolutions, not just the American, and from all points of view, including the British one
that George Washington was both a traitor and an inept general.

Netanyahu Distances From Soleimani Slaying, Says Israel Shouldn’t Be ‘Dragged’ Into It: Report
“The assassination of Soleimani isn’t an Israeli event but an American event. We were not involved,” he reportedly said, according to ministers who spoke with Israeli press.

Analysis: Netanyahu’s Iran Dilemma: Getting Trump to Act Without Putting Israel on the Front Line
Even if Trump’s instinct tells him it’s best to avoid war with Iran, no one can be certain of his intentions – not even Netanyahu

Killing Soleimani was in Israel’s interest, ‘not in the American interest’

Who fought against and defeated ISIS in Syria?

Iran’s Qasem Soleimani Is Guiding Iraqi Forces in Fight Against ISIS

Qassem Suleimani: can this man bring about the downfall of Isis?
For more than a decade, the Iranian military leader and ideologue has wielded huge influence, thanks to the support of Shia fighters. The rise of Islamic State is his greatest challenge yet

The Iranian commander on the frontline against IS

How the Soleimani strike could kneecap the fight against ISIS
The U.S. strike that killed Iran’s top military leader could put America’s fight against the Islamic State in jeopardy, opening the door to the reemergence of the terrorist group.

In 2001, Soleimani was also instrumental in the victory in Afghanistan, working alongside American Commander General Tommy Franks…

2001 Battle of Herat

In their descriptions of Qassem Soleimani U.S. media fail to mention that Soleimani and the U.S. fought on the same side. In 2001 Iran supported the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. It used its good relations with the Hazara Militia and the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, which both the CIA and Iran had supplied for years, to support the U.S. operation. The Wikipedia entry for the 2001 uprising in Herat lists U.S. General Tommy Franks and General Qassem Soleimani as allied commanders.

The collaboration ended in 2002 after George W. Bush named Iran as a member of his “Axis of Evil”.

In 2015 the U.S. and Iran again collaborated. This time to defeat ISIS in Iraq. During the battle to liberate Tikrit the U.S. air force flew in support of General Soleimani’s ground forces. Newsweek reported at that time:

    “While western nations, including the U.S., were slow to react to ISIS’s march across northern Iraq, Soleimani was quick to play a more public role in Tehran’s efforts to tackle the terror group. For example, the commander was seen in pictures with militiamen in the northern Iraqi town of Amerli when it was recaptured from ISIS last September.
    Top U.S. general Martin Dempsey has said that the involvement of Iran in the fight against ISIS in Iraq could be a positive step, as long as the situation does not descend into sectarianism, because of fears surrounding how Shia militias may treat the remaining Sunni population of Tikrit if it is recaptured. The military chief also claimed that almost two thirds of the 30,000 offensive were Iranian-backed militiamen, meaning that without Iranian assistance and Soleimani’s guidance, the offensive on Tikrit may not have been possible.”

Read more of the above eye-opening article here: Axis Of Resistance Says How It Will Avenge Qassem Soleimani