The subject of tonight’s interview with Jeff Rense at 10:00 PM ET will be a discussion of the history and creation of the Police State going in right now through public/private partnerships starting with tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards (government partnership with public sector); community education and community oriented policing system (100 year plan).

We can’t say “they” didn’t talk about “their” plan, discussed in secret, funded in secret, etc. Problem is we Americans didn’t know where to look. We researchers and writers for 3D didn’t put it all together until 1999, long after the plan had been implemented and especially after President Reagan’s signing of an education and cultural agreement in 1985 with what he referred to previously as The Evil Empire (Pres. Gorbachev), and a few years after the head of FBI Louis Freeh had embraced the head of the former KGB (FRB) saying “we are partners now” or some such.

See: Freeh Opens FBI Office In Moscow; Gets Quick Request for Help

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