Globalists have always wanted to change our form of government into a Parliamentary form of government. Now is the perfect time for Insiders to push this agenda, with the Trump saga causing Americans to lose confidence in their representative republican form of government.

Trump has already approved/ allowed unconstitutional unelected form of government in education (tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards.) Education has a higher annual total budget over $1 trillion (local, state and federal levels combined) than defense which is under one trillion dollars. (stats. are three years old and are government stats).

Our people who are concerned, as they should be, over a Constitutional Convention, should keep the above possibility in mind.

USA is one of few nations in the world which does not have a parliamentary form of government. “They” and “the TQM/PPBS” global system need all of us to be on the same page.

I have been concerned over this issue since I returned to the USA in 1971 when the late U.S. Senator William Hathaway, Dem. Maine, made a huge push for parliamentary government. He wrote a guest column for the Bangor Daily News. The first letter I ever wrote to the newspapers was in opposition to his proposal.

The Trump saga, I believe, was planned so that the so-called “Insiders” would have the time they need, behind closed doors, to finalize plans for this change in our form of government, while we Americans become more and more divided, and will ultimately accept anything offered to us. Create problem, people scream, impose solution. Hegelian Dialectic. The average American doesn’t even know the difference between representative and parliamentary form of government.

Parliamentary Republic