In my interview with Rense of October 24, 2019 I read Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s column: “What Donald Trump Has Done To America’s Evangelical Leaders” which took up most of my time.

The subject was phony Christian evangelicals and Trump, and people such as Paula White, etc.

Excerpt: “Donald Trump has successfully destroyed the patriot movement. And he has rebuilt the phony left-right paradigm into a fortress. He sucked all of the wind out of the national momentum toward constitutionalism that had been building in earnest during the past three decades. He has silenced patriot radio talk show hosts, internet bloggers and columnists and has ensconced Zionism into the heart and soul of American politics. But all of that is NOT the worst of it. The worst of it is what Trump has done to America’s evangelical leaders.”

I couldn’t agree more with Baldwin regarding Trump and his close association with evangelical leaders.

However, re Baldwin’s article, Trump was not the first person to be involved with these Christian evangelical wolves in sheep’s clothing who are and have been supporting for many years the Skinnerian operant conditioning method necessary for global workforce training SUPPORTED BY THE LEFTIST GLOBALISTS AT ALL LEVELS! How about that?

All of them have gone up against me, Charlotte, ever since I wrote my little booklet “Back to Basics Reform or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum”, 1985. They, across the board, including fairly sensible pro-family organizations such as Eagle Forum, boycotted that little book saying “Charlotte should rewrite it; no one will understand it; she wrote it in response to her being fired.”

Oh really? I, Charlotte, decided to get myself fired when I leaked the major technology initiative, Project B.E.S.T: “Better Education Skills Through Technology” (the computer) to Human Events, national conservative journal, which did an excellent and lengthy article on Project B.E.S.T. And, I’ve never had anyone say he/she couldn’t understand it!

Don’t forget the late Prof. B.F. Skinner said “the computer (technology) is my box”. This agenda, which comes under so many labels — change agent educators keep changing the labels when savvy Americans catch on to fact all labels: OBE, results/performance/competency-based/direct instruction education” — mean the same thing: “control of your child’s or your thinking lifelong” — yes lifelong.

The National Alliance of Business refers to this agenda as “Kindergarten-Age 80”.

By the way, while searching the Internet for articles on this subject I, just TODAY, found the following BOMB regarding Trump’s support for the Skinner method: “Trump Proposes Tying Federal Workers’ Pay to Performance”

“Feb 14, 2018 – Trump Proposes Tying Federal Workers’ Pay to Performance… called the proposal a “nail in the coffin of the apolitical, professional civil… (Washington Post)… “Pressure to increase productivity and minimize costs…”

Not surprised since Trump reportedly was given all my work on the subject, including the little book Back to Basics Basics Reform or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum, 1985, AND 700-pager 3D, 1999, and Updated 3D 2011 when he was running for office, and I never heard from him. I did talk to Michael Cohen who assured me he, just the day before, had given Trump my stuff. However, we now know not to trust Michael Cohen. Or is it Trump we shouldn’t trust, even more than Michael Cohen, who was just covering for him and is suffering for such protection of his boss?

More evangelical support for Skinner: Another evangelical group/organization, Concerned Women for America, did not like my little book either: Beverly LeHaye, wife of prominent evangelist/writer, Tim LeHaye invited me to speak at a CWA conference in New Jersey on 1985, immediately after publication of my Back to Basics Reform booklet. Guess what? I attended, and while setting up my table with copies of Back to Basics to sell at the conference, Beverly comes up to me and says: “you can’t sell that book here”. I have to ask, why then did she invite me to speak?

Had the evangelical Christian neoconservatives (call them what you want) not denied the American people, including good teachers, access to that little $10.00 booklet, it is very likely the USA would not be looking at all the evils associated with global government: the Skinner method, PPBS, TQM, systems management, regional (communist) government, Community Oriented Policing System (C.O.P.s.) which uses the Skinner method to reward citizens for “good deeds”. Definition of “good deed” is determined by the police, and I could go on and on but don’t want to bore you. After 12 years of operant conditioning (getting rewards for responding correctly to government dictates), will there be a single American student or grown citizen who does anything simply because it is the right thing to do? This marks the destruction of conscience/soul in spades.

These so-called Christians see nothing wrong with the Skinner method IF it is teaching the Ten Commandments or one and one equals two.

I had a public dialogue in regard to the Skinner method with one of the national leaders running a conference in the mid-eighties. I, sitting in audience, tried to help him and his audience understand that there is no reasoning (no transfer) going on in the student/citizen’s head when he/she is being rewarded or punished (neurologically conditioned to spit out a certain answer or perform a certain task). Use of the method is wrong no matter what you are teaching: reading, math, the Bible or global studies.

Ann Herzer, public school teacher and, in my opinion, the No. 1 expert in the nation on Skinnerian/Pavlovian operant conditioning, then and now, was my mentor regarding this evil method. Without her I could never have written on the subject in any of my books or articles or spoken about it in interviews. Ann had all the horrible research done on animals, given to her by her father-in-law, a doctor. Herzer also, as a public school teacher, had to go through the federally funded Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction teacher training which used materials related specifically to training animals, and doctors’ statements about how the evil method makes students sick! She and other teachers refused to participate when they saw what they were being required to do (learn). It was then that she started speaking out, and was involved in the Arizona affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers unanimously approving a Resolution to basically outlaw such federally funded programs in U.S. Schools. That Arizona AFT resolution, which she and another teacher presented to the national annual AFT conference in Washington, D.C. was tabled by the president of the AFT, Al Shanker, and never saw the light of day!

Anita Hoge, the expert on the National Assessment of Eduucation Progress, federally-funded assessment and data collection, had, as well, a superb understanding of this evil method. Anita educated me on the role of assessment in bringing students to the “politically correct” position, over time. I provided her with some of the old seminal research on the NAEP which I took out of the Department of Education. She looked at it and then informed me what it meant!

My little 39-page Back to Basics reform or Outcomes Based Education (OBE) was dedicated to those two brilliant patriotic American researchers!

I just heard Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on CNN nightly news saying the “administration is focusing on “results” and “outcomes”. I almost fell off my chair. My brain flipped back to all the studies, books, etc. I had seen in the Dept. of Education entitled “What Works”! Yes “dog training works”! In other words, Secretary of State Pompeo, and who knows “who else” making policy decisions across the nation, are proponents of the Pavlovian/Skinneriam evil rewards/punishment Skinner method that neglects “thinking”, denies conscience, but works for whatever evil purpose the government has in its wisdom come up with.

Skinner said “I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule.”

From 3D, page 268/269:

The Washington Post published “Tying Professional Pay to Productivity” by Elizabeth Spayd in its January 28, 1990 issue in which Ms. Spayd covered the use of behavior modification in the workplace in order to increase productivity.

Some excerpts follow: “One CEO I know says to employees, ‘If you tell me I can’t measure what you’re doing, I’m not sure I need you here,’” recalls Michael Emig, a compensation consultant with Wyatt Co. in Washington. “The fact is, any work that people are paid to do can be measured. The trick is to go in with an open mind.”

To help ensure that productivity goals are met, the paychecks of top managers now reflect their ability to meet department goals, a compensation plan that eventually will spread throughout the hospital. According to Arthur Andersen & Co., which consulted Pekin Memorial on its plan, the keystone to implementing productivity bonuses is putting everything in measurable terms, considering such factors as accuracy, speed, cost, quality—even creativity… Once the job has been quantified, the next step is to examine the processes by which work is done, dividing them into those that add value and those that don’t. Those that don’t should be eliminated.

Studies show white-collar workers on average spend 75 percent of their time doing non-value-added tasks, Skwarek said. But defining the waste and eliminating it are two different things. And for productivity to increase, proper employment of the compensation lever is critical. A bank teller might be rewarded for the number of customers processed in a week, but penalized for every customer who complains about service. In jobs where it’s difficult to measure the output of a single worker [emphasis in original], compensation might be linked to a group’s ability to meet certain goals, an increasingly common approach.

Whatever the approach, Wyatt’s Emig encourages companies to think big—meaning bonuses as high as 25 percent of salary. “The basic idea is borrowed from B.F. Skinner, who taught us that behavior which is positively reinforced will be repeated,” says Emig. “But it doesn’t work if people don’t consider the money worth striving for.”

[Ed. Note: Is it politically incorrect to ask how the United States became the most productive nation in the world without using the above-outlined ridiculous Total Quality Management system based on Skinner’s operant conditioning?]

And we wonder why such a high percentage of Christian evangelical Republicans (conditioned pigeons) absolutely refuse to back down in their support of our dangerous/weird President?

Think “What Works”. Yes, operant conditioning works. They are all victims of operant conditioning, defined by the U.S. Dept. of Education in all its publications as “What Works”.

I suspect that lack of reasoning/thinking, conscience, is a major part of the problems facing the USA right now.

If you really want to get into this subject in depth, read John (Jake) Klyczek’s recently published book “School World Order… The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education” which uncovers the corruption in America’s school system to save education from Fascistic privatization. Jake has an MA in English and has taught college rhetoric and research argumentation for over seven years. His literary scholarship concentrates on the history of global eugenics and Aldous Huxley’s dystopic novel, “Brave New World”.

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