This article deals with The Order of Skull and Bones at Yale University, and, especially, the fact that the first Commissioner of Education, Office of Education, 1965, Harold Howe, was a member of The Order of Skull and Bones (click to read his bio on page 128 – including “Commissioner of Education, ’65-’68).

Howard Howe

Howard Howe II, newly named U.S. Commissioner of Education, holds a news conference today. He told reporters he is not going to be soft on desegregation when he takes over his new post, possibly next month. The real progress in desegregation will come through a change in attitude of the type he has seen in North Carolina during the past two years, he said. Howe has been executive director of the Learning Institute of North Carolina.

Here is a quote from Yale University’s Skull and Bones Commissioner of Education Harold Howe, in a speech at Columbia University on May 3, 1966. Mr. Martin, Alabama, Cong. Record, 8/9/66:

“If I have my way,” he (Howe) said, “schools will be built for the primary purpose of social and economic integration.” True enough, he said in another address on July 19, this would abolish the concept of neighborhood schools in many areas of the nation, but the concept ought to be abandoned anyhow:

“To a disturbing degree it has come to mean the polarization of families according to the size of their split-level homes or the size of their welfare checks. We are faced with the fact that we are becoming a nation of plush suburbs on one hand and mid-city slums on the other.”

“Howe’s anger is directed at those ‘who live in a world of wall-to-wall carpeting, pleasant back yards, and summers at camp. Such affluent families “forget that their neighbors in the central city have children who play in alleys and live six to a room.”

By the judicious use of Federal funds, the commissioner will compel them to remember. His thought is to contrive “new boundary lines” that ignore county and city limits. He would bring ghetto children to the suburbs and suburban children to the ghetto. Or he would develop “educational parks” of perhaps 20,000 students, where a proper “cultural mix” could be imposed.”

Charlotte’s comments:

The 1954 Supreme Court ruling, known as Brown v. Board of Education, ostensibly to help the blacks by integrating them into the white community and schools, was responsible for the first breaking down of town, city, and state borders: busing of minority children across borders (spending hours of the day on a school bus). This breaking down of borders, was a necessary component of regional government, which is communism. Were the minorities used, as usual, for nefarious purposes?

After 55 years, such “judicious use of Federal funds”, i.e., the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars, ostensibly to help inner city children, those very children are considerably worse off than they were when Commissioner Howe was delivering his speech. Just ask their parents. What actually happened was those children were used as the guinea pigs for experimentation with the Skinnerian mastery learning/direct instruction/OBE system, which eliminates competition, grades, etc. NOW going into ALL schools of the nation for full implementation of the international school to work agenda, through tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards.This tragedy deserves a Congressional investigation). See Iserbyt “Experimentation with Minorities”.

For more information regarding The Order of Skull and Bones, see Yale University, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones which has one chapter “What a Role Model for his Daughters” written by Charlotte Iserbyt (pages 32-39) and List of members of The Order 1832-1984, with extensive biographical information, received by Charlotte’s father, one of the “inactive” members of The Order. Charlotte lent the published lists to the late Antony Sutton to further his research on this subject. Sutton told Charlotte that he considered his book “How the Order Controls Education” to be his most important contribution to an understanding of what happened to the United States on its role to socialism/communism.

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