Was Donald Trump an asset of the Soviet Union?

On 3/21/19 Erin Burnett of CNN said in regard to the final conclusion of the Mueller investigation, which excludes any mention of the Russian Connection:

“Was Donald trump an asset of the Soviet Union?”

Exact text 17-25 min:

I am saying something is very wrong, and also the guy who shot Sam was given a public defender without being arrested or charged. That Public Defender by name of Neale Duffett was the first one to put his foot down in (Archangel) Russia after Ronald Reagan signed the exchange agreements in 1985… to set up a legal exchange. That is on my website. I see a lot of very strange things going on between Maine and Putin.

Rense: really?

Iserbyt: What’s Russia? Huh?

Rense: Well the KGB was never disbanded. They just changed the name.

CI: And I am going to go out a little bit on a limb here because who cares now? I am looking at Robert Mueller and I’ve checked him out because I was sort of supporting him. But a very good researcher talked to me and, since I have an open mind, she mentioned to me… remember Sen. Ted Stevens, Alaska?

Rense: Sure.

CI: Well Robert Mueller went after him, and I was concerned about that.

Rens: He went after Ted Stevens. Ted Stevens was a good guy.

CI: Yes, he went after Ted Stevens. So I am beginning to think hmm… and then I look at Donald Trump and I look at his record with the oligarchs and Manafort over there and that they are working together. And sometimes I really wonder if Donald Trump isn’t working with Robert Mueller, and that “they” are going to put in the merger.

Rense: You know that is not as outlandish as it may seem to some. I wouldn’t trust any of it. I think it is 2-3 layers deep.

CI: The merger has to take place. That is what Rowan Gaither (Ford Foundation President) told Norman Dodd (Research Director for the Reece Committee Investigation of the Tax-Exempt Foundations, 1953) …that the foundations got their instructions from the white House…it was Eisenhower at the time. And the instructions were to use their money to bring about a merger between the United States and Russia and that would now include China. So now we find Trump talking about INF thing (Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty) and so we are having a problem with Russia now, aren’t we? So you know what’s going to happen? Russia, China, and the USA are going to sit town together… and they are going to act like they hate each other, and then they are going to come to an agreement which will be the merger. Now that is just Charlotte speaking… it sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?

Rense: Not when I consider who is saying it.

CI: And don’t forget Anatoliy Golitsyn (ex-KGB officer), who wrote New Lies For Old and Perestroika Deception, 1975, which revealed the communist strategy of deception and disinformation revealed by an ex-KGB officer. Golitsyn said “It’s Lenin, Lenin, Lenin” and it will never go away. And then Golitsyn said about the “oligarchs”, who Trump has been dealing with, and Manafort, for how long – are totally controlled by “guess what?”… the KGB. So I am looking at this in a very different way. I have had to get off my Robert Mueller kick and I am beginning to wonder if Manafort and Trump aren’t working possibly together.

Rense: Interesting, interesting, interesting. Hold on; we have to pause for a minute and it becomes more interesting when I accept the reality, and I guess its true, that Trump could have gotten rid of Mueller in the beginning, but he didn’t, so the question is obvious: Why not? Did he need all this apparent grief? Or is there something else going on? Right back; hold on…

CI: Create problem; people scream; impose the solution. (Hegelian Dialectic)

Rense: Exactly. Be right back with Charlotte in a minute.

Rense: OK… we are back with Charlotte. Her book “the deliberate dumbing down of america” is a historic treasure which shows how the whole thing was pulled off (planned). Her documentation is astounding; it’s all true. There is no way to argue about it… This has been an absolute designed destruction of the greatest jewel of a sovereign nation state on the planet. And this is a crucial part of that destruction…you can’t get any more crucial than taking the education system and turning it into a mind control system which is exactly what it is… and worse.

Rense: Go ahead, my dear, let’s go on with this…

CI: Well, what I would like to point for people who think I am insane (and I don’t blame them)… I have talked about Carroll Quigley many times. He was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and he wrote the book Tragedy and Hope, and it is a huge book…on page 1200 or something he says basically that the industrialists in late 1800s met together and planned on the only way they could get what they want (this New World Order) is to control both parties at the top and so that has been happening ever since. And and so they pointed out that when we peons go to the polls we will think we are getting what WE, but we will be getting what THEY want

Now when I talk about… of course Mueller is a Republican and so is Trump… but to me it is very possible that they are working together and that they haven’t gotten everything in place yet so it has to take a long time. I was overboard for Robert Mueller for a long time; really thiking he was great… right?… because of his service in Vietnam War and all that… right? But then when I read this business about Alaska Senator Stevens I thought “this guy is NOT good, but neither is Trump”. I do believe that the merger is going to take place some day because that is the plan, and the Soviet Union never died. “-isms” don’t die. Repeat “-isms” don’t die. What we have right now in Maine is “fascism”. We have a police state.

Audio: Charlotte Iserbyt with Jeff Rense – Americans Lost It In Maine


Paul Manafort served as Director of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in 1985. Think about that. And Trump chose him to be his Campaign Manager?

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