Contact your elected officials immediately to request they vote NO on LD 1312 gun control bill.

Maine Considers Red Flag Bill Despite Safe State Status

“The idea, outlined in a bill sponsored by Sen. Rebecca Millett (D-Cape Elizabeth), is called a ‘red flag’ law. These laws exist in several other states, and on Tuesday, two gun control groups joined Millett to announce a proposed ‘red flag’ bill for Maine.”

Senator Millett is sponsor of LD798, bill to remove “religious and philosophical” exemptions from vaccine mandate for Maine children. Millett also supports the very controversial Rank Voting.

Maine senator revives ‘red flag’ bill to allow confiscation of guns from people who pose threat


Portland, Maine’s former Police Chief Michael Sauschuck, recently confirmed as Maine’s Commissioner of Public Safety and Criminal Justice, oversaw the two attempted murders of my son, Samuel Iserbyt, a former U.S. Marine combat veteran and homeowner/taxpayer in Portland, Maine.

Sauschuck supports gun controls. U.S. & Maine Constitutions Dead In Maine

Be sure to click on audio link directly under image of my son’s bloody jeans (above article) to hear the Portland police planning to “pop Sam in the head”in mid-October 2015. Listen carefully and you will note the Chief was overseeing the murder attempt from headquarters. Also, note one of officers saying “It’s not federal now.” This audio was mistakenly included in District Attorney discovery materials provided Sam after the first unsuccessful attempt to murder him. Second unsuccessful attempt took place on Memorial Day, 2016.

National media lock down on Sauschuck’s overseeing of two murder attempts on my son has born evil fruit: Maine is fast becoming a police state with Sauschuck recently confirmed Maine’s Commissioner of Public Safety. (click for testimony)

Governor Mills (former Maine Attorney General) and her band of Cumberland County criminal District Attorneys and Asst. District Attorneys and corrupt Maine lawyers are now 100% in charge of our state due to no one knowing about the role of former PPD Chief Sauschuck’s overseeing the two murder attempts.

Media coverup of both attempted murders, last one on Memorial Day 2016 (last one documented by at least six eye witness statements) left my son with no vitals upon delayed arrival at hospital. This very effective state and national media coverup allowed former PPD Chief Sauschuck to move up a notch to be confirmed as Maine’s Commissioner of Public Safety and Criminal Justice.

Maine is in serious trouble, folks, when the Commissioner of Public Safety, Michael Sauschuck, who I call Commissar in charge of Mainers’ lives, who supports murder and gun controls for the citizens, not for the “newly trained” police, was allowed to be elevated to such an important position. Commissar Sauschuck is NOW in charge of all of our lives , not just the lives of Portland, Maine residents, one of whom, my son, who served his country in combat, was targetted for whatever reason we are not sure.

Are we going to sit back and allow not just gun control bills to pass, but to allow Maine to become the national model for a police state (using Maine’s successful strategy outlined above)?

Of course, the information in this email will probably go nowhere. Maine and national media will shut out Mainers’ and patriot voices from other states, just like they did relating to Sauschuck’s roll in the two murder attempts on my son.

Please, someone, tell me how good Americans who support the U.S. Constitution, can stop this train wreck which has the potential to spread nationwide.