The following article by Charlotte Iserbyt is in response to retired public school teacher Ann Herzer’s excellent critique of an Oregon bill.

Oregon legislature–Senate Bill 456

“This Bill ‘Prohibits State Board of Education, school district or public charter school from requiring student to pass test to demonstrate proficiency in Essential Learning Skills in order to receive diploma. Directs school district or public charter school that did not award person diploma because person did not pass test to demonstrate proficiency in Essential Learning Skills to award diploma to person upon request of person. Declares emergency, effective on passage.’ If this is made law, the legislature commands schools that they may not require passing an exit test as a requirement to receive a diploma; and if a student has already failed such a test, he need only request his diploma and it must be granted.”

See: The 50 States’ Control of Education – LRC Blog

Absolutely superb and easy to understand (if one really wants to!) the use by the globalist corporate fascists of of the world’s children to spin off profits for their global elite. These people are not only thieves, but they are often “deviant” if you know what I mean. Most of the world’s established religions have been compromised. Just take a look at the leading Christian Church, the Roman Catholic Church’s adoption of less that Christian principles. What exactly was Jesus Christ doing in the temple?

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

The present agenda goes back to late 19th Century when, as Prof. Carroll Quigley said in Tragedy and Hope, the industrialists got together and decided they had to control both parties at the top, so that when we “dumbed downs” go to the polls we’ll think we are voting for who “we” want when in fact we are voting for who “they”, the industrialists want.

Our Republic – Carroll Quigley

Sometimes both or more candidates gives us the illusion we really have a choice.

The two party system is a disaster, but don’t ask me how to fix that problem. It’s undoubtedly better than official one party system, although it appears it may be the wolf in sheep’s clothing for that exact system.

Third parties have been proved easily infiltrated one way or the other. Look at some of the “would have been” good Presidents who were shipwrecked and sailed off into the rainbow in their rafts or whatever; especially Perot and Ron Paul. Problem with them is their brains were screwed on tight, and I believe, although this writer had some serious reservations regarding both of them, they may have reflected truly American values of honesty, decency, compassion, and an appreciation of the U.S. Constitution.

Why is above so hard for people to accept? It’s like 1+1 = 2 or used to equal 2. Now, in the New Education, 1+1 can equal anything the teacher trained in the latest “whatever” thinks it is. That’s a disaster if you are making a souffle. I tried that once, after 3 glasses of wine.

The people who should be running our great country are either dead (some of them not all). Here’s my list. Do what you want with it (add/delete). Post on your refrigerator:

farmers (always the target of population controllers); the trades people (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, fisherman, loggers, etc. ); those involved in arts (architects, chefs, geographers, the musicians, historians who have lived through “whatever”, etc. – hard to censor them); the former head of the Weather Channel; former inmates in prisons and concentration camps, and dentists and veterinarians (who seem, not yet at least, to have been 100% compromised. Maybe “they” fear the latter due to their professions dealing with “teeth”.

Your homework is to identify those I have NOT mentioned. HAVE FUN.

So you won’t have to spend too much time, immediately eliminate from consideration ALL established conservative groups and websites which have been compromised 100% certainly since the Reagan Revolution. Easy to do since most all of them have a DONATE button.

There may be more “thinking” going on within conservative-leaning democrat circles.

WARNING: don’t try to organize a “thinking” group since you will immediately be infiltrated by hard right or hard left.

What A Tangled Web We Weave – Macbeth

What does the following quote from Shakespeare mean? The quotation is “Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we start to deceive.”

Quick Answer

This quote is actually not written by Shakespeare, but by Walter Scott in his poem “Marmion,” and it refers to the effects of lying. Often, one lie leads to more, similar to how a spider weaves a web, and as the lies multiply, the web becomes more and more tangled, and we become trapped in the dishonesty.

Note: In DDD on page 266: The late Norman Dodd in 1986 made an extremely pertinent and important observation regarding Americans’ growing preference to “think and act collectively” and the resulting dangers. Mr. Dodd’s comments were made upon his receipt of the National Citizens’ Alliance Americanism Award presented by Senator Jesse Helms. This award recognized Dodd’s courageous work as research director for the 1953 Congressional investigation of the tax-exempt foundations. In Dodd’s words: What is happening I can best explain by describing to you where you would end up if you could sponsor a resumption of the inquiry into the effect of foundation-type organizations in this country. If that were to be done, you would come into possession of proof… exposing a fundamental truth which has never been put into words.

I shall try to recite that truth to you and you can take it home and act on it as a premise. This truth is that whenever a people show by their actions that they prefer to think and act collectively, their dynasty becomes a reenactment of the story of the Fall, as told to us by God through Moses. We are now in a position where we can see that it is that dynastic effect which you are experiencing today.

We have a task and that task is to sponsor an inquiry which would pull out into the open the proofs which show that it is that dynasty that is being worked out by us as a people, unwittingly, in complete ignorance…

I wish I could help you… think about that truth because it has never been put into circulation. It now deserves to be, and it is persons like yourselves [dear readers] who can contribute to the circulation of that particular finding which the foundations, in their zeal, have actually made understandable. They [the foundations] have made a mistake… The mistake they have made is now represented by their determination to cooperate with the Soviet Union educationally.

From Ann Herzer:

I think the Oregon bill refers to students who have met the workforce/attitude test for the certificate of initial mastery may receive that recognition, but have failed the academic test may graduate. This bill exempts almost any student from passing the basic academic skills test.

Oregon was the first state to issue the Certificate of Initial Mastery, but it appears the Legislators are not willing to tell the public that they have two educational tracks. The Advanced Placement test is an example of a higher track for either college or skills training.

One would assume that the poor students have been denied academic skills in preparation of attitude/value adjustment and on hands training in factories, fields, community service etc. etc. etc. that many are now failing even the watered down basic skills. We can expect this legislation to be introduced across the country in my opinion.

The author of this article does not appear to understand the major objective of “educational restructuring” is to train the subject (human capital) for the global workforce. Most of the jobs will be in the area of low level service jobs which has been the projection for many years now by the “experts” and futurists.

This planned system actually will have three tracks, low level skills training, mid skills, then the small 10 or 15% who are in the Advance Placement track for higher education or higher skills. If the quota is filled for the students choice, then he/she will be placed in another area with a projected need.

If one reads the SCANS skills carefully, one can determine that even reading and math skills are taught only to the level of projected job placement. This is one reason for all the excessive testing now, IQ, Psychological and Performance Based tests. Alignment to the curricula of academic skills has and will continue to be a failure. There is little to no long term retention or transfer with this behavioral teaching.

Years ago I was asked to evaluate the Indiana two track system for some concerned citizens. They outlined the academic skills in each track I. e. workforce and higher education preparation. My evaluation was that the students placed in the workforce track would not have the necessary academic skills for college completion of a B. A. or B. S. or actually a Community College A. A. degree. I think this is possibly what Oregon and many states are facing today.

The double-speak written in the Oregon bill as presented by this author is written in such a way (as usual) to confuse the people who do not understand the socialist, polytech system of education. That’s the way I read it!

One would expect such legislation in Oregon due to the early entry into the system. I expect CA and AZ to be next in line to introduce this legislation with TX close. One can expect some southern states to follow due to the emphasis on children of color being placed in charter tech schools. I hope I’m wrong, but decades of research leans in this direction. The large inner cities will be a major problem for the “expert planners” I. e. the corporate and political world that knows nada about education or apparently governments of the past.

I predict unless higher academic skills are emphasized and more students complete a four year high-school academic education, our economy will eventually decline to the level of third world nations. This type of so called education has not improved the economy in any nation where it has been tried and failed over and over! More technology schools may help for a while, but a false dream is being fostered on citizens.

~ Ann Herzer, M. A. Independent Researcher in History/Reading/Education

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