More on the Sauschuck Confirmation Debacle…

District 22 – State Senator Jeffrey Timberlake (R – Androscoggin)
Representing Senate District 22: Durham, Greene, Leeds, Lisbon, Litchfield, Sabattus, Turner, Wales, and Wayne.
Address: 284 Ricker Hill Road, Turner, ME 04282
Phone: 207 754-6000
State House Office Phone: Senate Republican Office: (207) 287-1505
Term Limited: 2026

I called Sen. Jeffrey Timberlake and left message for him to call me back. Gave my name, phone no, website, Wikipedia, etc. telling him I started out working for USA in 1953 during Korean War. Recounted Sam’s two stories, including audio planning to kill sam “pop him in the head”; eye witness statements, etc. (all ignored) and our reaction to vote in Senate to confirm Sauschuck, saying in closing “this is a sad day for our country.” Dodge/Iserbyt case was sealed and our attorney’s motion to have unsealed was denied.

Called back and spoke to Shawn Roderick, Sen. Timberlake’s Aide. Timberlake is Chairman, Republican Minority. Roderick said “Vote taken quickly; put on Senate calendar yesterday (Monday) evening, three days after Judiciary vote.” Those three days included A WEEKEND. They voted this morning, Tuesday.

We expected to be advised at least a week ahead to be able to testify at Senate hearing. He told me that for the Senate vote they can do it anytime they want.

One good thing is that when Dem Chair of Judiciary committee wouldn’t let Sam play the Police “pop in the head audio… plan to kill Sam” at last Friday’s, Feb. 1 hearing, Sam said “All of you are fascists”. He was removed by Capitol police, who were very polite and most accommodating to me, Sam’s mother, saying don’t worry Judiciary committee hearing is just beginning; vote will be able to go to entire Senate for vote.They arranged a taxi home for us. I was told by persons working in State House that no hearing had ever had so many opponents to a candidate; we thought we might prevail. That was not to be.

Sportsmen’s Alliance of Maine turned up in huge numbers re Sauschuck’s plans to control use of guns. However, none of them mentioned Sauschuck’s involvement (running of) two murders of Sam, a U.S. combat Marine in first Gulf War, although they had the whole story from A-Z. Second gun shot through femoral artery left Sam in fourth stage hypovolemic shock, usually dead, but surgeon and team brought him back to life.

Gubernatorial candidate Shawn Moody and Hayes were offered complete District Attorney discovery file with all Incident Reports proving Dodge had terrorized the community, brandishing a gun, threatening to murder Sam, and trespassing on Sam’s porch. Moody could have kept Gov. Mills out of office if he had used that material. Why didn’t he?

Other states better get ready for same trick to be played on them.

The “COPS” program, in which Sauchuck has been a national player, is key. Better do your homework.

Our article Community or Communist-Oriented Policing contains a link to this article by Detective Phil Worts, June 1, 2001

What is COPs? COPs is a federally funded program administered through the U.S. Department of Justice. Police involved in community/schools, etc., in training citizens to spy on neighbors… Excerpt:

“”Communist Oriented Policing” (an accurate take-off on and definition of the objective of installing community-oriented policing for the re-engineering of society) identifies that and how American police forces are being used for the implementation of the agenda for the planned destruction of the family and of social order.”

Weep for our children, grandchildren, and nation.

George Orwell Quote: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda – Writer of said website, Ole Dammegard out of Europe, received the Prague Peace Prize, and is a friend of mine who posts my articles on a regular basis.

You may wonder why we pursue the truth and why Sam got removed from hearing room for calling the members of the Judiciary Committee Nazis? Well, my late husband Jan’s father was a prominent Belgian doctor, and Belgium was occupied by the Germans, as was his house for entire war. Officers who stayed in his house were always proper and sometimes even generous in bringing hard-to-find-food to them. However, the other side of the coin was that if one didn’t obey plastered signs on buildings, which forbade this or that, they were, no matter their station in society “shot” on the spot. My father-in-law, at the end of the war, was put in jail for one year by the Communists. Not many people know commies were in power for a short time in Belgium after WWII.

The word “education” ordinarily would not bring to mind very sick and strange philosophies, at least for those who are busy, and have not studied the history and purpose of “the new education”. However, for those who grew up years ago, as did I, having to take ancient history and all those boring (?) subjects which dealt with how wars are won, especially Tsu Zu’s Art of War, Mein Kampf, and the Communist Manifesto, I know its importance. Maybe someday you will want to read my book “the deliberate dumbing down of america” which is presently being translated into Portuguese by a Brazilian publisher. I will be attending its launching in San Paolo in May 2018. My 3D book is out of print now, but it is a free .PDF and can be accessed on this website from the front page. The updated/abridged version is available at Amazon.

I saw no TV cameras at hearing yesterday, and, I don’t recall seeing anyone from the press. Who from BDN covered the story of what happened? Are you aware that at least 80% of people attending were opposed to the nomination? Are you aware that Sauschuck’s supporters were mainly Maine police? That gives me the chills.

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