In 1959, while working in Office of Soviet Union Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State, for Ambassador Richart T. Davies, a cable came through from American Embassy in Moscow which contained quite shocking information, as follows: Premier Khrushchev’s son-in-law, editor of Izvestia or Pravda (can’t recall) announced this first USSR-Vatican rapprochement effort. Davies and I were shocked, to say the least.

The late Christopher Story used to visit me when we lived in Bath, Maine, in the nineties.

Connect especially “The Perestroika Deception” You Tube with Robert Mueller’s investigation and Trump/Manafort business connections with Russia and KGB/FSB history. FSB stands for “Federal Security Service”. KGB means “Committee for State Security”. (The “B” in both cases is the first letter in the Russian word meaning security.) The organization is pursuing the same goals, uses the same methods and employs the same people.

Christopher Story – ThePerestroika Deception

Russian Concentration Camps

Manafort and ally with Russian intel ties face new obstruction charges

Former Trump campaign manager secretly worked for Russian billionaire to ‘benefit Putin government,’ files show

How many Americans care or are aware of Paul Manafort being Director of the Center for Democratic Institutions, the think tank founded by Rexford Tugwell, initiator of the effort to draft a New Constitution for the USA and author of the communist-oriented New States Constitution? Where do Manafort’s allegiances lie? Or is he just a money-grubbing dunce who got caught up in important global politics?

Rexford Tugwell’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions has moved from California to Tennessee (Vanderbilt University).

It’s interesting how Manafort’s important connection with Tugwell’s Center and latter’s role in drafting a New Constitution is NOW just about impossible to find. It’s like Manafort was never associated with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. It was just a fluke I found the connection two years ago. Is Manafort’s being the Director in 1985 of this controversial group which advocates a New Constitution not of interest to those opposed to Constitutional Convention (CON CON)?

Rexford Tugwell, Adviser in FDR’s ‘Brains Trust,’ Dies

“In 1964, he joined the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara. The institute had been started a year earlier by Robert M. Hutchins, a former chancellor of the University of Chicago. Mr. Tugwell took the post with the express understanding that he could devote his time to working out a proposal for a new constitution for the United States. One version of it was published in 1970. If it were adopted, the states would be abolished and their place would be taken by 20 “republics,” each of which would have at least 5 percent of the country’s population. There would be six branches of government instead of the present three (the new branches would administer elections, set long-term development goals, and regulate and coordinate the work of all government administrative agencies). All political activities would be financed from tax revenues and private contributions would be banned. Mr. Tugwell continued to work on his constitutional proposals until shortly before his death.”

Everything else about Manafort’s personal and business life is all over the Internet. Why not his being Director in 1985 of the group founded by Tugwell which drafted a new Constitution for the USA?

Read following info on Manafort which I managed to relocate: Paul J. Manafort, Jr. – SourceWatch