We read in the Portland Press Herald that Former Portland police chief is Mills’ pick for public safety commissioner.

“If confirmed, Sauschuck would oversee the Capitol Police, consolidated emergency communications, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Emergency Medical Services, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Gambling Control, Highway Safety and the Maine State Police.”

Chief Michael Sauschuck is to be Maine’s Commissioner of Public Safety. Sauschuck, we believe, was involved in the two murder attempts on Samuel Iserbyt, U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, Gulf War I (upon whose orders and for what reason?) Sauschuck’s unusual silence (up until this day) regarding both incidents was and is in sharp contrast to his normal immediate calling of a press conference to announce/discuss crimes far less serious than attempted murders.

*Be sure to read Charlotte Iserbyt’s comments at the end of the article at the paper. I am trying to get the word out to the pathetic “know nothing” readers regarding Sauchuck’s role in the two attempted murders.


We now have a true Commissar in charge of “justice” in Maine. Former Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck served as a U.S. Marine Guard at the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia, in the early 1990s (doing what?) during period when Louis Free Director of FBI visited Moscow, Russia, and stated publicly “We are now partners”.

“The Day America Died – Nov. 21,1985”

Video: Russia: FBI Director Louis Freeh Visit

Also see “Maine-Archangel, Russia Rule of Law” Exchange and “Arkhangelsk Region Overview”. Dodge, the “would be” murderer, was given Maine attorney Neale Duffett as public defender, even though Dodge had not been arrested or charged, a most unusual assignment. (Why should taxpayers pay for legal defense for someone who has not been arrested or charged?) Duffett was first Maine lawyer to visit Archangel, Russia in the late nineteen eighties after President Reagan signed the exchange agreements with President Michael Gorbachev of the Soviet Union in 1985, agreements which initiated the Maine-Russia legal and continued education and other exchanges between the two countries.

Duffett and former District Attorney Stephanie Anderson have been visiting Archangel, Russia for conferences related to Rule of Law Exchange between Russia and Maine since that time. D.A. Anderson has been conducting mock jury trials, etc. Maine was first, or one of first, states to set up an exchange with Russia related to the law. Could these meetings have anything to do with the drafting of a new Global Constitution which does not allow use of eye witness reports, OR any of the protections we have under the U.S. Constitution? Other states are now involved.

Background of two Iserbyt attempted murders…

May 30, 2017 – Charlotte Iserbyt with Jeff Rense – Part 1 and Part 2 is an interview regarding the following Rense.com link which carries what we refer to as “Bloody Jeans” article and covers the two attempted murders of Samuel Iserbyt, U.S. Marine combat veteran during Gulf War I, 1991. This link, including article by Charlotte Iserbyt, has been sent across the country and around the globe to thousands of people many, many times during the past 2-1/2 years, along with other Rense.com articles and interview links related to the two attempted murders, the last one leaving Sam with permanent injuries but, thank God, not dead; willing and able to inform the American people regarding what can happen when the Constitution is turned on its head. EMS (ambulance) was deliberately not called for 22 minutes after receiving call to 911 from eye witness… arriving at hospital over one half hour after shot through femoral artery. “They” counted on Sam being dead within ten minutes or less. Cover up began when word he had survived, even after delay, and after extensive surgery. Coverup has continued for 2-1/2 years, facilitated by, especially, “establishment neoconservative” media and organizations, including gun rights organizations, which would not cover the story.

Coverage was limited to a few true patriot altmedia sites such as Rense.com who broke the story for us with an interview of Charlotte Iserbyt and subsequent articles included at above Rense.com link.

Other well known patriot altnet sources which covered the story include: Dot Lafortune (Mainely Unspoken), tireless researcher in pursuit of the truth regarding the criminal justice system in Maine. The Power Hour (Brigman); Republic Broadcasting (Stadtmiller); White Paper (Gary Arnold); Namaste (Carl Sims, UK); Oli Dammegard Truth Seeker, awarded the Prague Peace Prize; and black patriot radio/journalist Ed Morris, Texas. But finding a lawyer who would touch the two murder attempts was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Two courageous lawyers who did help (God bless them!) ran up against stone walls impossible to describe in a so-called “free” nation under the U.S. Constitution. Sam was and continues to be denied every relevant right under the U.S. Constitution.

The second murder attempt case was “sealed” and our attorney’s Motions to “unseal” case were denied. Why, if the justice system has nothing to hide?

Be sure to click on this audio link to hear patrolmen discussing plan to “pop Sam in the head”; “Chief (Michael Sauschuck) on the phone”; and after unsuccessful “hit”: “it’s not federal now.”

Cumberland County, Maine District Attorney Stephanie Anderson’s office provided above audio tape “by mistake” in discovery materials given to Sam.

Former Maine Attorney General/ recently-elected Democrat Governor Janet Mills was, we have very strong reason to believe, involved in at least the second most serious/damaging murder attempt. Her Deputy AG Lisa Marchese ran the operation all the way through the Cumberland County District attorney’s Office, lead by Asst. District Attorney/ Sam’s prosecutor Johnathan Sahrbeck, who, subsequently in the November 2018 election, quite illegally (that’s another story not covered by the controlled press) ended up replacing long-time District Attorney Stephanie Anderson, who also had a huge (major) role in the cover up of the two attempted murders and is involved in above-mentioned “Maine-Archangel, Russia Rule of Law” Exchange.

Sam and I offered the complete Discovery Material file for the second “almost successful” murder attempt, overseen by Lisa Marchese, No. 1 Deputy to former Attorney General Janet Mills (elected Governor in November 2018) to Independent candidate for Governor Terri Hayes, and to Republican candidate for Governor Shawn Moody. Had those two candidates been willing to make public the dynamite information in the audio tape and in the discovery materials related to Janet Mills’ Deputy AG Marchese’s role, especially in the second unsuccessful murder attempt, it is unlikely Mills would be Governor today. And Maine would not have the key person involved in both murder attempts, former Police Chief Michael Sauschuck, who was listening in on the attempted “pop in the head” October 2015 attempted murder, as Maine’s Commissioner for Public Safety.

HERE and HERE are two articles regarding Chief Sauschuck’s gun control activist activities.

Dodge, never arrested or charged, is now free as a bird, walking the streets of “any town USA” with a gun. There was one eye witness to murder attempt and at least four eye witnesses to Dodge coming down the street, brandishing a gun, threatening to murder Sam, and trespassing on Sam’s porch. None of the aforementioned witnesses were called to testify at rigged/steered Grand Jury hearings.