Dear ex-Republican candidate for Governor Maine Shawn Moody:

Sorry you lost and gave Governorship to Attorney Janet Mills.

Had you used the information we gave your campaign, months ago, regarding Attorney General Janet Mills’ “rat chain” malicious prosecution of my son, Samuel, who narrowly escaped death (has been damaged for life) at the hands of “suspect” Frederic Otis Dodge, (a federal hit man) you might be governor today.

Dodge was never charged or arrested, although always considered “suspect” by Portland Police Dept. of “elevated aggravated assault” Malicious prosecution of the case by the “rat chain” mentioned below allowed Dodge to walk the streets of any town USA today, with a gun.

Your financial and political supporters, if they knew you withheld from the public critical information regarding the malicious prosecution by Janet Mills’ “rat chain” of the Dodge/Iserbyt case, would not be happy with you.

Your withholding of that information (all of which was given us in Discovery) defies belief.

I feel sorry for you, having to live with that on your conscience. Maybe Janet’s election will allow Maine to become No. 1 in judicial corruption in the USA. I believe it is now #5 in the nation. [Click picture for larger view of chart]

Maine gets F grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation

Composition of criminal justice “rat chain” in Maine: Former AG Janet Mills (now Governor) and her tribe of criminal prosecutors starting with your Deputy Lisa Marchese, and going down through Stephanie Anderson, former District Attorney, Cumberland County, and her criminal band of assistant district attorneys, two of whom, Robert (Bud) Ellis and primarily ADA Johnathan Sahrbeck maliciously prosecuted the case which allowed the “suspect” of “elevated aggravated assault”, which brought my son to death’s door, to escape arrest or to be charged, and to continue to walk the streets of USA FREE with a gun.

Excellent Democrat candidate for DA to replace District Attorney Anderson was victim to an attack almost as serious as one on my son Sam, by the above “criminal rat chain”. The licentious, undocumented attack on Gale, using an anonymous source, resulted in ADA Johnathan Sahrbeck, who ran the malicious prosecution which got “suspect” Fred Dodge off the hook, being NAMED the new District Attorney for Cumberland County. Yes, folks, he didn’t even have to run for office, after the “rat chain” and Maine’s equally criminal media, quickly participated in effectively allowing any vote for the candidate chosen by the Democrats at last June’s primary to be declared “blank”.

Also, neoconservative Trotskyite Maine Heritage, your major supporter, must have a dozen smashed eggs all over its face, because it participated, surreptitiously, in the coverup, along with all national and state media. Remember the Maine Heritage luncheon where my son, a U. S. Marine combat vet who tried to get the truth out about his attempted murder by Dodge, being told to “shut up and sit down”? Or didn’t you know about that?

Maybe the results of this election nationwide will prove to the American people that the Republican Trotskyite neoconservatives are just as dangerous as the open Marxists.

I’ve written about this subject for years and am tired of having to give links to all my interviews and articles. Just browse my website for documentation on how this tragedy was allowed to happen.

Even if I weren’t a Christian, I would be saying “Pray, pray, pray”. I believe (can’t find documentation…sorry) Lenin, shortly before he drew his last breath dropped to his knees and prayed to at least a “chair” or some such.

All can in the future address Charlotte as “FED UP’.

P.S. for Moody: Too bad you apparently never read my article U.S. and Maine Constitutions Dead in Maine: U.S. & Maine Constitutions Dead In Maine

Be sure to click on this audio link and you will hear Patrolman Hurley discussing his plan to kill (“pop Sam in the head”) and when his plan didn’t work since Sam didn’t move, the other one, Ryder, saying “it’s not federal now”. This audio was mistakenly given to Sam in Discovery Materials related to first malicious prosecution.

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