I had been in touch with Jon Gale regarding our support for his candidacy against ADA Sahrbeck who is running for the District Attorney job as an Independent. Sahrbeck ran the whole steered GJ hearings related to Sam’s case. DA Stephanie Anderson, Republican, has endorsed Sahrbeck to replace her as DA. She finally resigned, after almost 30 years as DA for Cumberland County, the largest county in Maine. Anderson is one who with Duffett, the Public Defender given to murderer Fred Dodge before he was even charged, goes back and forth to Archangel, Russia, with Neale Duffett, in regard to the U.S.-Russia Rule of Law Exchanges. She conducts “mock jury trials” over there. When I found the Argiope website which carried pages and pages of records of just about every day in the year over a period of twenty years of Maine’s activities in Archangel, etc. Duffett had the website taken down!

Anyhow, back to Jon Gale, who would have been a breath of pristine air for the criminal justice system in Maine. All of the above criminals under command of Mills, now running for governor, run a criminal legal mafia, a corrupt chain which the election of Jon Gale would have severed. “They” could not allow that so they descended to the most illegal, filthiest trick imaginable: Publishing damaging information about Gale, AT THE LAST MINUTE, in which they do not reveal the source of the information. Source is listed as ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!

Is this the new legal system for the USA. OMG!

Here is Gale’s first reaction to the charge:

Dems call on DA candidate to resign from Maine Race
Portland, Maine (AP) statement from Gale in response to damaging PPH article:

Portland, Maine (AP) — The Maine Democratic Party is calling on a nominee for district attorney to withdraw, but the candidate says he doesn’t plan to drop out. Party Chairman Phil Bartlett has asked Cumberland County District Attorney hopeful Jon Gale to stop running. The Bangor Daily News reports a party spokesman tells the paper Gale was asked to “immediately withdraw his candidacy”. The spokesman didn’t give the paper a reason for the request. Three people who worked with Gale at a previous job told the paper he left in 2004 in the midst of a human resource investigation into sexual misconduct with multiple female colleagues.

Gayle says he’s not withdrawing and he “did nothing wrong to anybody” at the job. He’s running against independent Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck.

(Then, next day, after who knows what threat/s he received, he withdrew from the race, although his name is on the ballot and, who knows, he may get elected since he was very high in the polls and has many supporters.)


Mainers will probably be voting in Attorney General (AG) Janet Mills for Governor of Maine next Tuesday. Mills is the person who oversaw the criminal operation against my son, Samuel, using her whole chain of equally criminal puppets, including Deputy AG Lisa Marchese; retiring Republican District Attorney (DA) for Cumberland County Stephanie Anderson (Anderson has held that position for over twenty-five years); Asst. DA Robert (Bud) Ellis; Asst. DA Johnathan Sahrbeck (prosecutor at both Fred Dodge’s (originally named “suspect”) and Sam Iserbyt’s (originally named “victim”) steered grand jury hearings), and Attorney Neale Duffett, who was illegally hired as Dodge’s Public Defender BEFORE Dodge WAS EVER CHARGED!

Sahrbeck, who is running for Stephanie Anderson’s job as District Attorney, responded as follows to my son Sam, when questioned how Dodge who had not been charged with a crime could be assigned Duffett as his public defender: “It’s only fair since you have an attorney.” Oh, really? Google requirements for providing a taxpayer-funded public defender and you will find that persons not charged with a crime (almost NEVER, if EVER) are provided public defenders.

This band of criminals connived, with help of public defender attorney Neale Duffett (above) to keep Dodge from ever being charged with a crime, enabling him to walk the streets of USA with a firearm! (Long story; multiple articles at Rense.com).

U.S. & Maine Constitutions Dead In Maine

ADA Sahrbeck (above) is running (as an Independent) against Democrat Jon Gale (subject of this article) for District Attorney; to replace above-mentioned Republican Stephanie Anderson (DA since the 1980s) who has endorsed ADA Sahrbeck in his run for her former job as District Attorney.

So… here is the scenario for future of justice in Maine:

Maine will have “Janet” as Top Cop /Governor of Maine, the individual who, through illegal and clever machinations with all those mentioned above, kept the suspect of murder of my son, Frederick Dodge, from ever being charged with anything from Day #1, even though Sam had one signed eye witness statement of the actual shooting and about five other signed witness statements from persons on the street outside Sam’s house, all corroborating one another’s signed statement that “Fred Dodge was coming down the street, with a gun, threatening to murder Sam (M’fckr)”. ADA Sahrbeck, now running for District Attorney in Cumberland County Maine, was in charge of the whole criminal operation in favor of the suspect, Fred Dodge, at the local (Portland, Maine) level. The above mentioned stooges of Democrat AG Janet Mills are supporting not Jon Gale, approved by Democrats at last spring’s primary, but Sahrbeck, running as an Independent, who is supported by former District Attorney Stephanie Anderson, a Republican!!!!

Here is the letter we sent to the mouthpiece of the communist “Trotskyite” media in Maine. Hey, media out there: If the shoe fits, wear it!

Here is letter I wrote to Portland Press Herald which we trust will be published tomorrow, October 31.

October 30, 2018

Letter to the Editor of the Portland Press Herald:

Thank you for talking to my son, Samuel, and me, today… in regard to Independent candidate for District Attorney, Johnathan Sahrbeck’s run for District Attorney against Democrat candidate Jon Gale.

Due to time limitations, we require publication of this letter on Thursday, November 1, 2018. It is only fair that this letter be published in defense of Democrat candidate Jon Gale and to inform the people regarding Independent candidate Assistant District Attorney Johnathan Sahrbeck.

Shortly before the November 2016 Grand Jury Hearing regarding the Memorial Day attempted murder of my son, Marine combat veteran, Gulf War I, Samuel Thomson Iserbyt, our attorney, and I, Sam’s mother, had a meeting with ADA Johnathan Sahrbeck in the Portland Court House. Sahrbeck’s first rude comment was “You don’t know how lucky you are I am willing to meet with you.” That set a very arrogant, rude, and unpleasant tone to our meeting.

I, Charlotte Iserbyt, who takes shorthand, took notes of what transpired during that meeting.

Out of the blue Sahrbeck turned to me, Samuel Iserbyt’s mother, age 86 in 2016 when the attempted murder of my son took place, and directed a very inappropriate, rude, and unwelcome comment to me in which he referred to Sgt. Det. Dean Goodale, supervisor of the crime scene Memorial day, age 48, and married, as “being my boyfriend.”

The only reason Sahrbeck would have made such an uncalled for comment which was unprofessional/irrelevant to the purpose of our meeting, is that he and others in DA Anderson’s office were very upset that Det. Dean Goodale, Supervisor of the Crime scene, in charge of the Portland Police Report, which included eye witness and five other witness statements which reported the suspect threatening from the street to kill my son, had revealed to me exactly what happened Memorial Day 2016.

In addition, ADA Sahrbeck also used strategically and criminally modified photographic evidence in one, if not two, grand jury hearings. Does the DA’s office now have the right legally to modify photographic evidence and to present it to a grand jury hearing?

My notes also reveal that ADA Sahrbeck picked a completely unsolicited fight with our attorney during the aforementioned meeting.

Does the head of Maine’s Democrat Party, Phil Bartlett, have the legal and constitutional right to inform the press and the public that someone (ANONYMOUS) has reported a misdemeanor/crime by anyone, much less an individual, already chosen in the primaries to run on the Democrat Party ticket for DA, who is leading in the polls, at such a late date (nine days before election for DA)?

Does the press have the right to print Bartlett’s information gleaned from an anonymous report, thereby causing great professional and personal harm to a candidate selected by Democrat Party voters in the primaries last spring?

If Bartlett is making public accusations from an anonymous source, how does the public know there is any truth to the story? All Democrats who voted for Gale should be infuriated by Bartlett’s action.

Is what happened in regard to Jon Gale, a Maine citizen willing to run for office, going to be allowed to become standard operating procedure in the election process in Maine? If so, such a precedent will be a constitutional disaster for the people of Maine.

I am willing to take a lie detector test. Sahrbeck should be willing to do the same.


The Portland Press Herald (PPH) is in bed with all of the above evil persons highlighted in first paragraph. You know about most of them since I have written about all of them in detail.

The paper, at last minute, TRASHED Gale’s absolutely 100% legitimate candidacy (he was way ahead in the polls) by printing false accusations from an ANONYMOUS female source who said he had sexually abused women where he worked years ago. PPH called workplace which said it had no comment. Sam had a long talk with Megan Doyle, staff writer for Portland Press Herald yesterday in which we explained to her Maine and national media coverup of Dodge murder attempt on Sam, about which she knew nothing… only been on the job two years.

When questioned regarding who approved the publishing of life changing/damaging (for Gale) information from an anonymous source, she admitted (insisted) she was the person who wrote articles re Gale, and when we asked her how on earth she could have published information on a candidate for election next Tuesday for one of the most important jobs in the state WHICH CAME FROM ANONYMOUS SOURCES she didn’t seem to have a problem with what she admitted she had done. I personally do not believe she is the one who “cleared” that article for publication. It had to have been approved at the highest level of the paper. She is just taking the hit to protect higher ups.

The Portland Press Herald initially published a brief article. After it had succeeded in ruining Gale’s future by publishing information from anonymous sources, PPH subsequently scrubbed article from its website. We hope all national media will pick up on this story which is now boycotted in Maine. Is the circus surrounding Kavanaugh’s nomination more important than an even more evil circus surrounding Jon Gale’s legitimate run for District Attorney in Cumberland County, Maine? This is even worse than the Kavanaugh fiasco; at least witnesses against Kavanaugh had names.

IS THIS THE NEW LEGAL SYSTEM FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? As the only recent good Governor of Maine, the late James Longley, said (coined the phrase):


Yes, dear reader, think about it. What just happened to Jon Gale, candidate approved by Democrat Party voters in the primaries last spring, could happen to any one of you. Someone, somewhere under the order of someone else somewhere could say you had committed a crime, and your local newspaper refuses to get the name of the accuser prior to writing a story which states you have committed “whatever” crime from a misdemeanor to a serious felony, in order to keep you from being elected or just to defame your character for some other political reason?


Misconduct allegations lead Democrat Jon Gale to drop out of Cumberland County district attorney race

Party leader defends asking Democrat to drop out of race for district attorney