Read every single word of this international education plan in which the USA is deeply involved.

G20 underscores need to place education at the centre of the global agenda

“The G20 Education Ministerial Meeting declaration addresses personal development, innovation, and the Sustainable Development Goals, among other topics.”

The following is just one of many important quotes from a HORRIBLE agenda for all the world’s children (LIFELONG):

– Promote education with strong connections to industry, the working community and other
stakeholders to facilitate the transition from school to work.

– Encourage cooperation with ministries of labour and employment to generate comprehensive
skills policies that prepare citizens for future market needs.


DDD page 128:

UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC, AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION (UNESCO) in Paris, France published The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED–COM.75/WS/ 27) in 1976. This publication revealed efforts at the highest international level to set up a classification system which will be available for use by planners assigned to the management of the global economy. Some quotes from the introduction to this 396-page document follow:

The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) has been designed as an instrument suitable for assembling, compiling, and presenting statistics of education both within individual countries and internationally. It is expected to facilitate international compilation and comparison of education statistics as such, and also their use in conjunction with manpower and other economic statistics…. ISCED should facilitate the use of education statistics in manpower planning and encourage the use of manpower statistics in educational planning. For this purpose, the most closely associated classification system in the manpower field is the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO), prepared by the International Labour Office.

Read the full G20 documentation here: G20 Education Declaration 2018