Another Neoconservative’s Horse’s Mouth Tells it Like it is…

A disturbing interview regarding Heartland Institute’s new book REWARDS:

    Interviewer: “Let’s turn to Part 1 of the book Rewards which contains four chapters. Today we will discuss Chapter 1, the ‘Psychology of Motivation.'”
    Question: What is a reward psychologically speaking? How does it work?
    Professor Walberg: “Psychologically speaking; I could could even say philosophically speaking, use of rewards is rationality. You want to arrange things so that intelligent or productive behavior is followed by something that is satisfying. If it does, that connection is extremely important in making the learning more permanent in the individual.”

The above quote is taken from the neoconservative Heartland Institute’s website link to an interview regarding the book Rewards, by Joseph Bast, President of the Heartland Institute, and Herbert Walberg, Professor of Psychology, the Hoover Institute. The School Reform News Podcasts regarding the book Rewards tells us that the book has been written principally to influence legislation. The interview took place on 10/1/14. Click for Prof. Walberg’s comment at 5:53.

My blog’s month of October “Skinner Horror Files” series contains more than ample research on what the book Rewards is all about and who is behind this totalitarian agenda. The “Skinner Horror Files” cover what the neoconservative movement is endorsing and supporting for education nationally and internationally. [Note: Link sends you to old website which will be reposted here eventually]

Follow this link for shocking documentation regarding Professor Walberg’s internationalist (UNESCO) connections and his views on “Effective Educational Practices”.

Professor Walberg’s professional qualifications and connections in the world of behavioral psychology are impressive indeed: Herbert J. Walberg | Heartland Institute.

These Neoconvservative Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing are leading good Americans astray.

They must be exposed for what they are teaching if America is to remain a free country with citizens exercising free will.

As the well know writer and teacher of reading, Samuel Blumenfeld, says… words to the effect: “Animals can be trained; only human beings can be educated.”

And as the noted author, C.S. Lewis said: “When training beats education, civilization dies.”

This important neoconservative call for the use of Operant Conditioning has to do with only one thing: LIMITED LEARNING (TRAINING) FOR LIFELONG LABOR.