As an educator for the past 28 years, and believing myself to be at least a little left of center politically, I found “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” to be the scariest thing I have ever read. Some will brand this book as conservative propaganda. But those of us in the teaching profession wonder aloud to each other and anyone else who will listen, what politicians are thinking about when they pass educational reform legislation. It would seem impossible to make some of the decisions that are being made without having deliberately set about to wreck the education system in America. If the facts laid out in this book are true (and the book is full of documentation) what is happening to education in Washington D.C. is worse than the Twin Towers tragedy and the attack on Pearl Harbor combined. The promotional material for this book says that it should be required reading for parents. I think it should be required reading for every educator or university student considering a career in education. A difficult read, but eye opening to the point of being painful. ~ David Martin, Teacher

I’m an aspiring author in Southern California. In my research for my next book, “The War for Your World View: What every American needs to know in the age of fake news, false narratives, and mind-controlling propaganda,” I came across your extensive and fascinating work, much of which I am still sifting through, awestruck and dumbfounded by the dark and insidious discoveries you have dedicated your life to exposing. I am both humbled and inspired by your courage, perseverance, and patriotism.

As an American who was born in 1971 and raised in the public school system in Fredericksburg, Virginia, my indoctrination should be complete. I believe that I escaped, partially and narrowly, due to the strength of the values instilled in me by my Christian parents, the patriotism inscribed in me by my father, a Department of Defense physicist, and by being brought up in a conservative community, rich with tradition (my childhood home the same land that George Washington ran freely and played on as a boy) linked to our nation’s history. It was a time when and a place where many of my teachers ignored the top-down directives and taught us according to what they knew in their hearts was right. For that, I am forever grateful!

I’m considering devoting an entire chapter in my book to your work. As much as I’d love to interview you, I have very few questions that are not answered in your books, speeches, YouTube videos, and internet blogs, all of which represent your determination to save our beloved country from a virtual tidal wave. I’ve shared your videos with some of my friends and colleagues. Aside from finding your work riveting and much of the content infuriating, we find you delightfully easy to listen to–timeless, charming, and most of all, determined! Bravo!

I may write again, but for now I simply wanted to make contact to praise your work, your conscience, and your integrity. The opposition to those of us who are engaged in the fight of our lives to save the Republic is fierce. We all have days when we feel it’s hopeless. This is exactly the reason why we must stick together, keep the faith, and support each other! Few revolutionaries have impressed me as you have. May God bless you and keep you, fellow patriot! ~ Timothy Corder, San Diego, CA