Back to Basics Reform or... OBE *Skinnerian International Curriculum?

The book ALL major conservative groups boycotted in 1985! Read and find out why? Reprinted in 2013 by popular demand.

Back to Basics Reform Or...OBE *Skinnerian International Curriculum? (paperback, 48 pages) by renowned author and education expert Charlotte Iserbyt enables the reader to understand the long-planned controversial restructuring of education from traditional academics to socialist workforce training. This transition was necessary for the planned global economy and for the United States participation in a one-world government; a plan that was finalized between 1980 and the present time.

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Most important of all, I want to get the book into the hands of as many people as possible at this crucial juncture in American history. The book will help Americans understand the history behind what is going on right now in our country and how we got ourselves into this tragic mess. The book deals with not only the role of educational brainwashing in changing our children's values and denying them an academic education, but also with the role of political and economic "Insiders" who have, over the past 200 years, been involved in highjacking our Constitution and bringing the United States into an international socialist (regional) system. The book is in easy-to-read chronological format.

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