Hooray For France!

By Charlotte Iserbyt

May 31, 2005

The French are very independent and finally, and I mean finally, they got the "loss of sovereignty" message. They love their brand of socialism, but only their brand of socialism.

We were visiting my husband's cousin and family who own a farm outside of Paris, just before the vote on Maastricht. They are conservative Catholics so we hoped they would vote against Maastricht and we plead with them to do so. They resisted our advice. Their reason for voting in favor was that the communists had signs all over the French countryside to "vote NO". Clever communists! They know exactly how to get the people to vote YES! Mitterand had also put enormous amounts of money into the YES vote.

Yesterday in a conversation with Christopher Story who wrote The European Collective and is the editor and publisher of Golitsyn's two books, Perestroika Deception and New Lies for Old, he said: Charlotte, this appears to be very good news, but he fears it won't make much difference since the whole system is in place. I was disappointed to hear that.

I feel that superficially, in terms of public relations effect, etc. it is good news because it will get the message out that something is rotten in Denmark, i.e., something is very wrong with the basic thrust to create world regions, thus eliminating distinct cultures and sovereignty. It should affect the Dutch vote and possibly CAFTA as well.

What I found most interesting is that the socialist French Government reportedly provided a copy of the EU Constitution to every single Frenchman/woman to read. And they obviously read it. Can you imagine our government first of all providing all of us with a copy of the proposed new Constitution for this hemisphere and then allowing all of us to vote on such an issue? Of course, aside from the representative aspect of the foregoing, which we seem to have lost, it would be a huge waste of money since many, many Americans cannot read, and if they can read, they cannot comprehend which would lead to their being able to think. The dumbing down was deliberate and is complete.

Let us all pray on this Memorial Day, which truly should bring tears to our eyes, that this is the beginning of an awakening to what will be in store for the whole world if it does not stop the move toward world regionalism (communism). Those who have died to preserve our American freedoms deserve such prayers.

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