Here are two great “Laugh and Learn” episodes. I’ve been looking for a “Parliament for Dummies” source of information. These two YouTubes provided best explanation yet.

I am presently obsessed with possibility the portrayal of the deliberate dysfunction of USA government, which the controlled media has treated us to over the past three years, may result in a call for a Parliamentary form of government. Why not? Nothing could be more dysfunctional than our present government (at least how the media portrays the clowns in both parties!).

Of course world govt. cannot function with USA as an outlier to the global system being implemented as I write. The majority of major global “players” have a parliamentary form of government. The global computer will have a nervous breakdown and spit out irrelevant information should the USA be absent from the equation.

Enter proposal at forthcoming ConCon for a change from representative to parliamentary form of government?

How Parliament Works

Canada Explained

BEWARE! “Trite, True or Scary”